[Tokyo] The Michelin Guide has announced results for Tokyo, and Japan’s capital city retains the honours of having the most Michelin restaurants in the world – 230 establishments in total.

Some other interesting aspects of the results:

French restaurant L’Osier established in Ginza, Tokyo in 1973 gets a 3-star rating once again.

Famous sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro retains its 3-stars for the 12th year running.

There are three new 2-starred Michelin restaurants, Nabeno-Ism, Harutaka, and Kobikicho Tomoki.

Ramen lovers will be please to find three stared ramen-eateries – Tsuta 蔦, Nakiryu (I tried its cup noodles – how enterprising), and Sobahouse Kiniro Hototogisu. (Sobahouse Kiniro Hototogisu has a branch in Singapore called Konjiki Hototogisu Singapore, located at CHIJMES.)

Onigiri lands a spot on the Bib Gourmand with Onigiri Asakusa Yadoroku being listed.

Here are 13 restaurants in Tokyo with 3 stars:

3 Star Michelin – Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!

Azabu Yukimura – Japanese (Minato-ku) Reserve Online – Yukimura

Kagurazaka Ishikawa – Japanese (Shinjuku-ku) Reserve Online – Kagurazaka Ishikawa

Joël Robuchon Restaurant – French (Meguro-ku) Reserve Online – Joël Robuchon Restaurant

Kanda – Japanese (Minato-ku) Reserve Online – Kanda

Kohaku – Japanese (Shinjuku-ku) Reserve Online – Kohaku

L’Osier – Friench (Chuo-ku) Reserve Online – L’Osier

Makimura – Japanese (Shinagawa-ku) Reserve Online – Makimura

Quintessence – French (Shinagawa-ku) Reserve Online – Quintessence

Ryugin – Japanese (Minato-ku) Reserve Online – Ryugin

Sushi Saito – Sushi (Minato-ku) Reserve Online – Sushi Saito

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten – Sushi (Chuo-ku)

Sushi Yoshitake – Sushi (Chuo-ku) Reserve Online – Sushi Yoshitake

Usukifugu Yamadaya – Fugu (Minato-ku) Reserve Online – Usukifugu Yamadaya

Nihonryori Ryugin

You can refer to http://gm.gnavi.co.jp/restaurant/list/tokyo/ for the full list.

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  1. Probably should remove that link for online reservation for sushi saito. It’s well-known to be regulars only.

    Harutaka is not exactly a new michelin 2-star. They lost their original stars after shifting to their current location and has now regained it.


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