This is an authentic-tasting Thai restaurant in Bedok, that has gone quite under-the-radar. And I think is a great place for family meals.

”Ob Woon” in Thai means warmth – the warmth one feels when gathering with loved ones and sharing a meal.

The name may be slightly hard to remember, but the owners wanted to emphasize on the feeling of being treasured in the Asian culture.

It is the same feeling that Ob Woon wishes to impart to its guests when they dine here.

The kitchen is helmed by a team of Thai chefs, Ob Woon is a Thai restaurant anchored in authenticity.

The team uses only the freshest, quality ingredients and spices specially imported from Thailand to highlight the true flavours of Thai cuisine.

All recipes are original, many sauces made in-house from scratch, cooked to order to ensure freshness.

Located at Djitsun Mall Bedok (the former Princess Mall) in Singapore, Ob Woon can also be found in 3 locations in Jakarta – Aeon Mall Jakarta Garden City, Lippo Mall Kemang, and Cibubur Junction.

Real Thai food has many strong flavours, yet each dish is delicately balanced with elements of sweet, sour, spicy and salty.

Here are 12 dishes to showcase some of Ob Woon’s best dishes:

Salt Baked Sea Bass ($29.80)
If you must pick a fish dish, try the Salt Baked Sea Bass. Ob Woon’s version of salt-baked fish, a common street food in Thailand, uses the more premium sea bass instead of the cheaper and more accessible tilapia.

Sourced from a farm off Pulau Ubin that rears sea bass in seawater, the fish is packed in salt before baking.

This method of dry air cooking allows the fish meat to retain its natural juices moisture, yielding a tender and moist portion.

The natural flavour of the fish is likewise preserved and locked-in, minus the fishiness. Skip the sauce, the sea bass is great on its own.

Grilled Pork Collar ($14.80)
This unassuming meat dish, Ob Woon’s bestselling signature, is perhaps one of the best pork collars in Singapore.

Pork collar has that desirable fat-meat ratio that makes it perfect for grilling.

Soaked in a made-from-scratch marinade, the meat is only cook upon order so you will get a dish that us fresh off the grill, tender and still juicy.

The slab is served in bite-sized slices, ready for dipping in the tangy home-made Issan style dip that comes with it. To me, the must-order from this restaurant.

Super Crab Egg Omelette ($24.80)
This dish is called “super crab” for a good reason.

Thai-style omelettes are a common street food snack or a quick breakfast, often eaten as a one-dish meal or on top of steamed jasmine rice.

Ob Woon’s version comes included with generous portion of fresh, chunky crab meat, that almost overflows when cut apart. The egg of course, was fluffy which makes this quite a treat.

You can also order the more ‘normal’ Thai Egg Omelette ($8.80 Plain / $12.80 Crab Meat), available plain or with some crab meat for added flavour. They have multiple soft and fluffy inner layers yet lightly crispy on the edges.

Papaya Salad with Salted Egg ($8.80)
This salad is a medley of shredded raw green papaya, carrot strips, long beans, garlic, chillies, dried shrimps, and peanuts.

It is dressed with a special homemade tamarind sauce. What makes this dish special is the added salted duck egg for that extra “oomph”.

Crispy Morning Glory ($8.80)
I call this “Tempura Kang-Kang” so that you get an idea of what it is.

While we normally have Kang Kong fried with sambal, shrimps or garlic, the leaves here are first dipped in a batter and fried ‘til crisp.

It is combined some Thai herbs, and served with a special home-made sauce. Surprisingly, they still stay rather crisp halfway into the meal. Addictive to order as a starter.

Thai Prawn Cakes ($10.80 for 4 pieces)
Get a 4 piece-serving of Thai Prawn Cake as an appetizer or side dish, or even a small snack to share.

Made with fresh prawns minced into a mouldable mash, each piece of prawn cake is hand-made, carefully shaped and breaded before deep frying in oil.

While you can see this dish on every Thai restaurant’s menu, Ob Woon’s version of this fritter is a little crispier and fatter than the others.

Inside, the prawn cake is light, juicy and flavourful. Served with plum sauce.

Tom Yum Wings ($9.80)
These chicken mid-joint wings are seasoned and fried to a crisp, making them a fun snack paired with a cold drink or as a starter.

They’re tossed in Ob Woon’s homemade Tom Yum seasoning powder, so expect this dish to tickle your palate with its spicy and sour notes.

Red Tom Yam Prawns ($11.80)
This flavour-intense soup’s base is homemade seafood stock, naturally full of umami and sweet flavours with no added MSG.

Deep red from the blotches of chili oil, white from the cooked prawn meat, accents of green from the parsley and kaffir lime leaf, make this a visually appetising dish as well.

Guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.

(If you are looking for other kinds of soups, also available at Pork Meatballs In Clear Soup, Coconut Chicken Soup, and Clear Tom Yum Seafood.)

Massaman Beef Curry ($16.80)
The Massaman Beef Curry is slightly different in style, and you may not find that much gravy compared to say, their Green Curry.

The dish is prepared using chunks of beef shank that is slow-cooked in a flavoured braising liquid.

The curry sauce is mildly sweet and savoury, and the addition of potatoes and shallot make this a rich, well-seasoned hearty dish.

Ob Woon Sen ($14.80)
One of Ob Woon’s most popular dishes, Ob Woon Sen or Baked Prawns with Vermicelli is an aromatic dish you cannot resist.

Combining fresh prawns and rice noodles that are braised with a trusty set of seasonings – garlic, peppercorn, and coriander root, the infusion of flavours is impeccable.

The noodles soak up the sauces while the prawns are permeated with savoury tastes.

Pad Thai Prawns ($8.80)
A timeless Thai dish, this extremely popular noodle recipe is made with rice noodles cooked until limp but still firm and a little crunchy.

It is then wok-fried with garlic, onions, bean sprouts, chopped roasted peanuts, fresh cilantro, soy sauce, and the prawns.

To complete the package, Ob Woon’s special home-made Pad Thai sauce is fried in, creating a beautiful Thai classic.

Mango Mango
If you love your mangoes, then you are in the right place. That is because the adjoining kiosk (also operated under Ob Woon) offers quite a wide range of mango desserts.

Expect Heavenly Mango Toast, Tropical Mango Yogurt, Mango Paradise, and of course Mango Sticky Rice.

Leave some space for the instagrammable cup-dessert of Signature Mango Smoothie ($6.80), layered with mango smoothie, signature cream, mango sorbet then topped with cubes of fresh mango fruit. You can also choose your sugar level of 50, 75, or 100%.

Filling and satisfying.

Ob Woon
Djitsun Mall, 445 Bedok North Street 1, #01-07, Singapore 469661
Tel: +65 9632 8135
Opening Hours: 11am – 12am (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 1am (Fri – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Ob Woon.


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