It is not just about restaurant and café dining any more, as private home-dining in Singapore has quickly gained awareness and popularity.

Not difficult to understand why, as the modern consumers can be tired of ‘outside food’, and want to experience ‘simple’ home style cooking.

People are willing to folk out good money for what you can eat at home, as many of these concepts offer recipes which are not commonly found anymore.

There is also that element of exclusivity, interactivity, and experience of dining with a group or even strangers at somebody’s place. (Make a foodie friend, and you may just hang out together for life.)

Having attended and planned a couple of private home dining, I can ascertain that organising one is not as easy as it seems. (Hint: to my friends, can you all organise the next one? I just come and eat.)

Some menus cost $80 to $100, some with unexpected dishes, and long waiting list you have to book months prior. Yup, most of those listed here are fully booked for this year already.

To get busy (maybe picky) friends to commit to a date months later – we all know that can be an uphill task. But if you all manage to pull it off, it is worth it.

I enjoyed all my home dining experiences, as this is a time when you can have food cooked from the heart, and really enjoy conversations with friends and the chef.

Even though the price-tag seems high, I feel that some of the home-chefs are not really earning much, when you see the amount of effort taken to plan the menu and cook up the feast. So, thank you.

10 Private Home Dining Places In Singapore: (Photos partly from respective home-cooks websites.)

Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen 陶然居
Upper East Coast Road
Tel: +65 9823 7268
Opening Hours: 6:30pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Fri), Closed Sat – Sun

The private dining spot that probably has one of the longest waiting list, with the next vacancy 6 to 9 months down the road. (There is renewed interest as several journalists, TV programmes and food bloggers covered this recently.)

This is where you can have a scrumptious meal in a rather ‘rustic’ ambiance, surrounded by antique artefacts and monuments. Really, just check out those photos as well.

Almost a one-man show, Chef Sam Wong who is a self-taught cook, and is extremely personably who readily shares where he caught the fish, and his ‘secrets’ to preparing certain dishes.

The grand home-cooked meal is mainly Cantonese, with signatures of Concubine Chicken (not Wei Ying Luo), Wild-Caught Steamed Grouper (freshly caught daytime, cooked during the evening), Charcoal-smoked crispy roasted duck, Steamed Egg with La La and Crab Roe, and ending off with a nutritious tasting Red Bean Soup with Orange Peel.

The prices start at $80 per person for a seven-course meal. Minimum requirement is six diners.

The meal feels in between restaurant dining and home dining – with certain dishes better than what you get in an average restaurant, while yet reminds you of home.

Lynnette’s Kitchen

Lynnette Seah is an accomplished SSO violinist and a zealous chef who wishes to open her own restaurant one day.

Known for her extravagant and delicious dinner parties, Lynnette decided to follow her dreams and turned her kitchen into a cosy dining spot for strangers.

The menu may include dishes covering Peranakan, Italian and French cuisines. Some of the highlights are Spicy Beef Rendang, Roasted Lamb and Stewed Chicken, ending with Belgian Cocoa-infused Tiramisu. (Of course, the menu is subject to change.)

The seven-course Peranakan meal begins at $100 per person and a four-course Western meal starts at $120. Minimum of six diners. You have to be referred in order to get a reservation.

A meal complete with good food, live music (possible violin playing) and loads of happy conversations.

Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
(Or search icookibakeieat at Plate Culture)

This is probably the most affordable home-dining meal available in Singapore, at $33nett per head for a 6-course meat with free flow of drinks. For 5 to 6 diners. (But they are under-going menu revamp and would likely adjust the price.)

Another good-thing is, food served is Halal.

One of the reasons why I booked this meat was also because it serves up Eurasian cuisine, which is not so commonly found in Singapore (unless you have Eurasian friends who will cook up a feast for you).

The dishes you may expect include Beef Shepard’s Pie, Devil’s Curry, Minced Chicken Cutlet, Prawn and Pineapple Curry, and Salt Fish Ambila.

As the home-cook Kurt is very passionate about baking, do leave some room for his indulgent and ultra-yummy Death By Chocolate or decadent Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Upper East Coast Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 9387 6399
Opening Hours: Tues – Fri, and 2 Sun afternoons per month

Annette Tan, a passionate food writer, founded FatFuku to share her love for food with others.

With a food-writing background, she is also a strong story-teller who ‘re-e-nacts’ her family’s traditional Peranakan-Eurasian recipes and articulates stories linked with each meal.

Book your dinner appointment and get a chance to experience their ever-changing rotation of seven-course meal.

In mains, be it the scrumptious Devil’s Pie or the Spicy Biryani Rice, everything has a unique, flavorful taste.

The dining spot is located inside a breezy, loft apartment. The cost is S$95 per person with minimum of six diners at a time, up to a maximum of nine pax.

Ownself Make Chef
84 Commonwealth Close

Chef Shen Tan can be considered on of the pioneers of Mod-Sin cuisine in Singapore, and now you can savour her unique dishes at her three-room apartment.

She hosts a seven-course dinner every month with varying interesting themes and menu (such as Majulah Singapura Lor and Fry Me To The Moon) available for viewing at her website.

Her two signature dishes include the Nasi Lemak – preciously available Wok & Barrel, patiently cooked by steaming the rice twice which results in fluffy texture with coconut-y fragrance.

The plate is complete with crispy fried chicken, omelette and crispy white bait. Please have some sambal as well.

Other than that, she may prepare her Bak Chor Mee Pasta (depending on the menu chosen), featuring fettuccini added with pork shoulder slices, tossed with fish sauce and a special chilli sauce.

E-mail to make reservations.

One Kind House (Mummy Soh)
136b Lorong J Telok Kurau Road
Tel: +65 9112 3002

Having 60’s kampung vibes and a diverse menu, One Kind House is a contemporary private dining area that follows a communal way of living.

As you enter the house, you will notice the nostalgic feeling of long-gone days. So, it is good to bring your family here.

The owner of the house, and also the head chef, Mommy Soh is such a nice-granny you would want to give a hug to.

She believes in using fresh and clean ingredients from her own farm, and may just give you an educational class as you walk through her garden. Yes, she may just go out, pluck something to add to her wok.

While the menu is never consistent, there are a few favourites that are constant including Fish Laksa, Mee Siam and Ulam Vermicelli. During my dinner, I had the Assam Prawns which I almost swept clean, paired with Butterfly Pea Flower Rice.

The Ampang Kitchen
39 Jalan Ampang, Singapore
Tel: +65 9618 7107

This is where you can have authentic Peranakan-Singaporean cuisine, served right at home.

Helming the kitchen is Uncle Raymond and his son David, and you can have a scrumptious meal at a 20-seater dining area set in an open-air kitchen.

Uncle Raymond even went to Penang to learn how to cook over 70 dishes. Some of the best dishes at the Ampang Kitchen include Sambal Prawns with Petai, Sayor Lodeh, Assam fish with Lady’s Fingers Curry, and uplifting Prawn and Pork Ribs Noodle Soup that takes hours to cook.

Of course, look forward to a Penang-style Pulot Hitam with Dried Longan dessert.

The lunch menu includes 6-dishes meals starting at $60 per head, and the dinner menu includes 9-course meals that starts at $100 per head. Minimum six diners, maximum 14 pax.

The Modern Bibik
Bukit Panjang

Angeline Neo, formerly a successful fashion and beauty editor, initiated the Modern Bibik in memory of her late grandma.

The dining area located within Angeline’s lavish apartment offering panoramas of the city and skyline.

You can even dine out in her beautifully set-up balcony. She offers different packages including $68 six-course menu and $128 ten-course menu.

Enjoy savory Peranakan food like Smoked Duck Kueh Pie Te, Dry Laksa with Stir-fried Bean-sprouts, and Bibik Bouillabaisse.

The dessert platter with rich brownies and velvety cupcakes will end your meal on a sweet note.

Chef and Sommelier

Chef Alvin See who is a father of three with a day-job in the financial industry, loves experimenting with new recipes and started to host gatherings for people to try his food.

He now conducts private dinning session from time to time, seeing it as a way to connect with new friends.

The one dish to look forward to would be the Roast Pork Belly, complete with crunchy crackling and tender meat. It is a tested and proven recipe which he had used for years for countless occasions.

Other of his signatures include Peppercorn Steak with Creamy Brandy Sauce, Dukkah Coated Lamb Chops, and Sous Vide Beef Cheeks.

Home Cooking Supper Club by Serene
Haig Road

Serene’s Home Cooking Supper Club has an interesting Japanese Fusion twist, which takes inspiration from Luiz Hara’s Nikkei cuisine, with a cross between South American and Japanese flavours.

Her place can take 8 people comfortably, though she has taken up to 10 people (have to squeeze lah).

Some of her signature dishes include Sea Bass Rice with Yuzu and Green Jalapeno – a Nikkei interpretation of Tai Gohan; Pastels of Chicken with Cream Cheese and Green Olives; Chilli-Marinated Cod Roe and Lumpfish Caviar Spaghetti; and Red snapper & Seafood Nabe in Soya Milk and White Miso Broth.

End off with a dessert such as a Flourless Chocolate Cake with Brandied Prunes served with
Matcha Ice-Cream.

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