Like, finally. HEYTEA 喜茶 which is China’s most popular tea brand, launched its 1st overseas shop in Singapore, right at ION Orchard basement 4.

They are THE original creators of the iconic “cheese tea” (not anyone else), which has gained fame around the world.

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7 hours. That is the record time someone queued to get their hands on a cup.

It took me about 45 minutes to get my cups when I first tried it at Beijing’s Sanlitun outlet, despite the shop being around for a couple of months.

I know some people are still rather skeptical about Cheese Tea. Perhaps it is because you have yet to try the really-good ones. Back then in China, I thoroughly enjoyed the King Fone (金凤茶王) and Ever Spring (四季春), and thought that the cheese foam which was not artificial-tasting complemented the tea beautifully.

You have probably seen other tea brands with similar drinking-boy logos, but THIS is the real McCoy; THIS is the first overseas outlet.

Part of the reason why HEYTEA continue to be popular all these years is due to the high standards and quality raw ingredients used to making every cup.

The element that left an impression most was the quality of the tea. You could taste that lingering depth and fragrance the moment you take that first sip.

The tea leaves are said to be gathered from different regions from their places of origin. The company also exercises quality control across all aspects of the tea-leaf productions, from soil inspection to taste of the tea.

The other ingredients also play a major part, for example only the freshest fruits, natural rock sugar which are lower in calorie, and natural cheese produced from imported New Zealand Anchor cheese are used.

There is no vegetable butter or milk powder used in the cheese toppings.

As for the menu in HEYTEA Singapore, they offer a wide range of offerings catering to different palates: Cheezo Tea, Pure Tea, Berry Mango Family, and Fruity Boom.

There will also be desserts in the form of tea ice cream, and two items exclusive for the Singapore market. (Check out the rest of the post.)

Here are some of the HEYTEA drinks and dessert products that have won the hearts of tea lovers:

1. King Fone Cheezo Tea 金凤茶王 ($5.50)
One of the signature tea you MUST get. The King Fone Cheezo Tea which you can recognise by the enticing yellowish hue, uses premium oolong tea leaves that have been specially harvested for HEYTEA.

As you drink the tea, you could taste that lingering oolong with some of that unique smokiness, as the tea leaves have undergone a special smoking process that brings out the fragrance.

If this is your first time having HEYTEA’s Cheezo Tea, the one main recommendation is that the drink should be tipped and not stirred. The 4 steps are:
1)步骤一,扭开旋转盖 Turn cover to open
2)如需品尝更多茶香,则旋转至小口 Keep opening small to enjoy more tea
3)如需品尝更多芝士,则旋转至大口 Turn opening wider to enjoy more Cheezo
4)最后,大口喝下芝士和茶 Relish in gulps of Cheezo Tea

There will be that layer of cheese foam on top, so tilting and sipping from the cup’s opening would allow the cheese and tea to “have a party” in your mouth. If you stir the entire drink, you only get that one taste every sip.

The one way to know that you got the correct way, is when you have the ‘cheese moustache’. Don’t be afraid to go unglam!

2. Jade Matcha Cheezo Tea 翠玉抹茶 ($5.90)
For the Japanese tea lovers, this drink with matcha and even seaweed notes, is rich and full bodied; while the cheese cap helps to enliven the slightly-bitter notes of the tea. There is also the option of adding Oreo (additional 90 cents)

3. Ever Spring Cheezo Tea 四季春 ($5.50)
This is one of my favourites from HEYTEA due to the delightful floral fragrance and taste from the Oolong tea.

This earthy tea is also known as “Si Ji Chun” or Four Seasons, because it is one of the few teas refreshing enough to drink all year round (all four seasons).

4. Grapefruit Boom Tea 满杯红柚 ($5.90)
Of the fruit tea range, I suspect this would end up to be one of the most popular.

The jasmine green tea (Aqua Green) has subtly sweet and fragrant notes, and the slices of grapefruit added shines through with that burst of sharp-fruitiness.

Good to know that all HEYTEA’s Fruity Boom tea are created using 100% natural fresh fruit juices only, with no additional fruit syrup or flavouring.

5. Orange Boom Tea 满杯橙橙 ($6.80)
A refreshing tea full of colourful fruits of oranges and lemons incorporated with quality jasmine green tea (Aqua Green) which flavour unfolds into delicately tropical and sweet notes.

6. Very Strawberry Cheezo 多肉草莓 ($8.70)
A marriage of specially selected strawberries and green tea base (Aqua Green), prepared à la minute to ensure freshness.

7. Mango Cheezo Tea 芝芝芒芒 ($7.90)
Big, fresh and sweet mangoes are paired with jasmine green tea (Aqua Green), known for its strong flowery flavour with a mellow feeling.

8. Durian Ice Cream – Singapore Exclusive 榴莲冰淇淋 ($4.80)
Other than tea drinks many do not know that HEYTEA actually offers ice cream as well. And the Cheezo in the tea drinks can be replace with Ice Cream for free.

The Singapore-exclusive flavour is the Durian Ice Cream, made with real D24 fruits with that bitter-sweetness and full-creamy texture.

9. Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream – Singapore Exclusive 咸蛋黄冰淇淋 ($4.80)
Wacky combination of savoury salted egg yolk and sweet milky ice cream.

I thought it actually worked. There was this graininess about it that I enjoyed, with just that light saltiness, which somehow reminded me of … mooncakes!

The other two classic ice cream flavours include the signature Tea King Ice Cream and the flavourful Mango Ice Cream。

HEYTEA Singapore Welcome Gift
For the first 7 days only, like & follow HEYTEA on Instagram and Facebook (heyteaofficial), upload a post regarding HEYTEA on either platform, present it together with a receipt to the staff to receive a welcome gift.

Limited to 1 customer per receipt, and limited to 300 redemptions per day, while stock lasts.


HEYTEA Singapore
ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with HEYTEA Singapore.


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