While the inaugural MasterChef Singapore has ended, it is not without its fair share of controversies.

Though it was IT manager Zander Ng who won, the general online consensus seemed to be sided towards the 20-year old culinary student Genevieve Lee, better known as “Gen”.

I was personally quite surprised especially because the judges gave largely positive comments towards Gen’s dishes, the overall winner turned out to be otherwise. Perhaps it was truly a case of rushed editing.

Let us trust that the judges have made the right call, and give our support to both finalists – not easy to cook up 5 dishes in 2 and a half hours, especially when they are not professionals. Well done Zander and Gen!

Wait, what does this got to do with Lee Fun Nam Kee again? Wait….

Some questioned the choice of dishes cooked, especially when the theme was “Asian feast”. Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost fame wondered if Gen could have done a braised duck, instead of a duck confit.

Well, Gen’s family actually sells Soya Sauce Chicken, a relatively famous shop in fact. She had been helping out at the shop since young, so making a braised poultry dish would have been right up her alley.

However, I suspect that there is a part of her who wants to break out of that comfort zone.

While the MasterChef Singapore programme has never disclosed where Gen’s parents sold their chicken rice… here`s the reveal.

I did think that Gen looked kind of familiar.

When she spoke, I immediately knew it was Lee Fun Nam Kee.

Lee Fun Nam Kee started off as a hawker stall, and has expanded to be an eatery located at Toa Payoh Lorong 4. It is not THAT easy to find, a short 8 to 10 minutes’ walk from Braddell MRT station.

The star of the shop is the Singapore Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ($6, $9, $12, $16, $18, $30).

The soya sauce used is said to be heartier and thicker, matched with succulent and tender chicken. Compared to some other shops in which the ‘lor’ (sauce) could be quite salty, I liked that this actually tasted more balanced and ‘healthier’.

I suspect some would prefer this to the “Michelin-starred chicken”.

While I personally wished for the rice to be more fragrant and warm, I thoroughly enjoyed the springiness of the noodles.

Some diners might think this is too al dente and even ‘hard’, but I liked it this way, especially when coated with the dark sauce, added with a dash of chilli.

I hardly order Chinese Sausage (except maybe in Hong Kong’s restaurant) – it is just not my kind of thing.

Auntie there said ”You must try” which I didn’t regret at all. (So, thank you Auntie!) There was just this very-nice crisp on the outer layer, along with tender quite-juicy fillings.

This Lup-Cheong is legit.

Lee Fun Nam Kee is now in the good hands (and hearts) of the 2nd generation. David Lee, who is Gen’s father, can be seen in the kitchen chopping up plates of tender soya sauce chicken.

There is always a part of me that worries when I let the cat out of the bag, so please don’t go over to stalk Gen – they still have a business to run. But I am sure their family won`t mind that added support from fans.

Lee Fun Nam Kee Chicken Rice & Restaurant
94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-04, Singapore 310094 (Braddell MRT)
Tel: +65 6255 0891
Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm, 5pm – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

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