It was a case of déjà vu when I walked through Orchard Central Level 3, when a year back, there was a lifestyle café concept filled with arts and greenery called “Steamroom with The Pillar and Stones”.

Really, how many of you remember that place?

It unfortunately, lasted a month or two shorter than we predicted (So sorry to the Steamroom team).

I recall my friend commenting that if the café was at the side with the natural daylight, switching side with the retail and arts area, it would have been much better experience for both.

Of course we have no know-how in building management, a wishful thinking to have the brunch and coffee with sunrays lingering in.

Unfortunately, for this new café, the dining area still landed up in the ‘dark’ side’; while on the brighter area comprises of a hair salon and barber.

Walking On Sunshine is a Korean beauty and café concept. (M1 should just come and advertise here, come give some FREE wifi.)

There are Korean hair stylists who would give you a “Korean hair” make-over, along with photo studio for you to take photos in hanboks.

They must be doing something very right, because within a month of opening, they have received 217 5-star Google reviews (many of which are the 1 review type).

I liked that there was a lot of greenery and dried flowers, to let you have that sense of peace in the middle of town.

Food wise, the brunch-cafe presents a limited menu with offerings such as Souffle Pancake ($23), Eggs Benedict ($18.50), American Breakfast ($19.50), Honey Butter Toast ($11.50), Seoul Beef Bulgogi Pizza ($21.50), and Double Beef Budger ($18.50).

There are many Korean cafes that open in Singapore, but I would say only about half meet with relative success.

Part of which could be a cultural-thing, the lack of understanding on how to reach the local market more effectively.

I had a Spicy Pork Panini ($17.50). To be honest, I seldom order Panini in Singapore because I did not find many good ones… they were just like cold sandwiches.

The ones I had here were nicely grilled to a golden crisp, packed with ingredients which were moist, and the spiciness gave it a Korean twist.

Like that good ones I would find in Seoul. (Okay, except that I find it slightly pricey to order on a regular basis.)

The Bulgogi and Mixed Bean Salad ($19.50) was a substantial portion, great for those looking for greens at this part of Orchard (funny how FEW salad shops there are at this stretch of Orchard Road.)

I only wished that the beef slices were less tough.

One of their specialty drinks was an Iced Lime Coffee ($7.00) which somehow didn’t work for this as the drink “attacked” the senses with two different types of acidity.

Perhaps it was also because I had it sans sugar, the coffee just tasted overpowering.

While there was a colourful display of cakes and cupcakes, I wasn’t inclined to order them as they looked dry under that storage.

There are some elements that I like about this place, the greens, the Korean-ness and that service is generally friendly.

Perhaps it is lacking in that liveliness and wider spread of appealing food to make you feel you are indeed, walking on sunshine.

Walking On Sunshine
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, #03-07, Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 10am – 8pm (Sun – Fri), 10:30am – 8pm (Sat)

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