Rangoon Road used to be a lot more ‘happening’ in terms of café-hopping, though there are still the regular staples such as Non Entrée Desserts, Brunches Café, Old Hen Coffee, and Jewel Café along the stretch.

A recent opening pipped my interest enough to want to make another visit over.
C+ Café, which stands for Community Plus, has opened diagonally opposite Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh, the same row as Mr Pho House.

The unique thing about them is they work closely with local craft makers and home bakers to provide a different experience to customers.

In terms of cakes, they work with a community of home bakers who bake in their premises, and then provide their best-selling items for sale. So, you get a variety of bakes, and possibly the best of the best.

Some of the recommended cakes you can expect include the Ondeh Ondeh Cake by @beelibakes ($7.50 per slice), Earl Grey Cheesecake by @101weis2bake ($7.50 per slice), Matcha Latte Pie by @elijahpies ($7 per slice) and Lychee Rose by @petitejoybakes ($7.5 per slice).

I am really watching my calorie and sugar count now, and so made a few trips back to try the various offerings.

My favourite so far was the Ondeh Ondeh Cake, and the home baker used to be part of the team behind Selfish Gene Cafe.

There are many similar versions around, but this slice I had somehow got the right balance of fluffiness and moisture, with the distinct caramelised sweetness from the Gula Melaka that wasn’t too over.

Get it before it is sold out.

The other slice that left an impression was the Wild Berry Lavender Pie from @elijahpies, and would possibly rank high on the “instagrammable” factor due to the purplish-marbled appearance.

There was a tangy, fruity take with the fillings, contained with real berries, and the custard was smooth and light enough. The only thing I wished for was for the tart base to be more buttery and easy-to-cut-through.

Perhaps it was something to do with the storage or that I didn’t order the cake fresh-fresh, I wished the Lychee Rose cake could have been moister, though the fragrance was appealing.

To get more customers in, I do think that C+ possibly have to explore looking at expanding a savouries menu, so that it will be a “one-stop” place to get everything under one roof.

There are several other aspects that make it promising, such as a local florist Ina.Shea who has its pop-up store within the cafe and does occasional workshops.

In fact, the space is big enough, feels like a home, and can possibly hold small workshops and corporate events. If not, you can just find a quiet spot, get a cake, and day-dream there.

C Plus (C+)
217 Rangoon Road Singapore 218457 (Farrer Park MRT Station – 10min walk away)
Tel: +65 8733 2177
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tues

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