If you have been to the Da-an distract of Taipei, you might have come across this famous Taiwanese Beef Noodles shop Jiu-Wu Beef Noodles 玖五牛肉麵.

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The brand has been brought into Hong Kong by Laurinda Ho – daughter of billionaire Stanley Ho (She has been described as “shockingly gorgeous” and you may just spot her while having your Taiwanese fare).

Actually, I did see her. But we clueless diners were clearly more focused on the food. Sorry about that, Laurinda!

The wall of the restaurant is peppered with framed photos of cheery Hong Kong celebrities having their bowl of beef noodles, and that includes GEM, Alex Fong, Kenny Bee and a couple of young artiste I failed to recognize (Sorry, too long never watch TVB.) Sammi Cheng also showed her support on IG and gave her thumbs up.

Jiu-Wu’s signature Beef Noodles comes with options of three different broths – braised, tomato, spicy; along with a dry version.

A bowl starts from HKD78 (SGD13.75), while the recommend 3-in-1 Beef Noodles with meat, tendon and honeycomb trip is priced at HKD95 (SGD16.70).

To maintain its authenticity, Jiu-Wu uses premium beef and the precious cuts from the shank meat, while its noodles are made with precise specifications by a noodle factory in Hong Kong to maintain the QQ texture.

The noodles are said to have a ”gua tang” effect, in which the soup would envelop the strand of noodles.

The winning element is really in its soup base, made cooking the beef bones for eight hours with the addition of herbs and other secret ingredients. I found it mellow, flavourful and not overly salty.

It was quite close to some of the brands I had in Taiwan, except that some diners would prefer a more robust and stronger tasting soup base.

Jiu-Wu Beef Noodles 玖五牛肉麵

Other than that, you can also look forward to side dishes of Braised Beef – prepared using a secret sauce recipe from Jiu-Wu family so that the meat remains tender and stronger in flavour; and Cold Noodles mixed with butter oil, fresh cucumber, and sesame sauce from a century old store in Taiwan.

The Rice Bowls also come recommended, with Fried Pork Chop with Braised Pork Rice (HKD78), Braised Pork Rice with Fried Pork Floss (HKD64), and Taiwanese Sausage and Braised Pork Sauce with Rice (HKD68) – similar to the familiar Lu Rou Fan.

If you come in a group, I would suggest sharing some of the Braised Beef or Pork, especially the tendon which is tender and deliciously soft.

Jiu-Wu Beef Noodles 玖五牛肉麵
G/F, Golden Jubilee House, 399 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong (Causeway Bay MTR, Exit C)
Tel: +852 2892 0320
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 11pm (Mon – Thurs), 11:30am – 12am (Fri – Sat), 12pm – 11pm (Sun)

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Jiu-Wu Beef Noodles 玖五牛肉麵

The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018
You can now experience also experience Jiu-Wu Beef Noodles 玖五牛肉麵 at the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2018, held from 25 to 28 October (Thursday to Sunday).

Extending its reach from Central Harbourfront Event Space to Tamar Park, the venue size for this year’s Festival will be 20% larger than last year’s. There will be about 450 booths serving fine wines and exquisite food, over 10% more than last year.

The key event highlights is the “10-Michelin-starred Dinner” at the “Tasting Room”, where Five international Michelin-starred chefs will jointly present a highly anticipated wine pairing banquet with eight courses, fusing Chinese, Thai and French elements.

In addition, good news for Singapore travellers who are flying to Hong Kong via Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific.

You are able to register for the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival to receive a special pass. The pass will include complimentary entry, four wine tokens, two food tokens, and a tenth anniversary limited edition wine glass. More information here: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/seasia/plan-your-trip/vacation-packages/sg-wnd2018.jsp

For details of the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, please head over to the HKTB website:

*This entry is brought to you in partnership with Hong Kong Tourism Board.


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