[Seoul] Disclaimer: This is not MY kind of café in terms of aesthetics, but I can imagine why so many people would highly recommend it.

Highly instagrammable / insta-worthy, pretty in pink, beautiful and elegant, these are some of the words that were used to describe One In A Million café 원인어밀리언 at Hannam-dong at Itaewon-ro. (Traveller tip: Search for “Won In Eo Million” instead for Naver.)

To be fair, I do not think it is just a photogenic place, but the space somehow captured the right vibes with its décor, music and consistency. Plus, it is opened till 11pm on most days .

Hannam-dong comes peppered with hipster cafes and restaurants of all kinds, and it is not difficult for anyone to walk down just a couple of metres before exclaiming, ”This is so pretty.”

Yet, One in a Million stands out.

Its entrance alone may be ordinary-looking of white brick walls with dirty-millennial-pink accents and construction work going on behind.

There are four pink-coloured chairs at the side of the wall, and they quickly turn into good photo spots for #OOTDs.

Somehow, the interior works.

There are various spots that cater to different customers: a more outdoorsy garden on one side; cosy living room-like corners; and a long table for groups.

The café is spacious, filled with greenery and fragrance from fresh roses.

I know roses are expensive and do not last long, but do they add to the entire atmosphere? An absolute YES. (It is more common to find Daiso flowers in Singapore cafes, because we are always looking at ways to cut-cost, cut-cost.)

The menu offers a variety of beverages, with the recommended drinks being the Green Macha Latte, Milk Tea, Marco Polo Tea, Homemade Lemon & Peach Tea, Homemade Real Hawaiian Tea, Einspänner (Espresso with whipped cream) and Baby Latte – ice latte with ice cream.

Prices are on the slightly high side, with a drink costing between 5,500 Won (such as Latte) to 7,500 Won. That is SGD6.75 (USD4.95) to SGD9.20 (USD6.75).

The “Holiday” drink of Coconut Milk Latte (7,000 Won, SGD8.60, USD6.30) comes in a cup printed with “One In A Million” in that signature dusty pink colour, matching with the entire interior.

It tasted more creamy-coconuty than espresso coffee actually, on the slightly sweet side, but I suspect that the younger female customer could love that delightful sweetness.

Talking about sweets, you can get the Marble Choco Cheese Cake, White Tiramisu, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Cocho Cake, Red Velvet or Carrot Cake (6,500 – 7,000 Won).

Nothing spectacular about the cake, but good enough and cannot really fault that much.

Two things to note: I was probably the only male (other than the barista) in the entire shop. There were customers that came and left, but they were ALL female, and none of them brought their boyfriends.

There was a group that came with luggage. No, they were NOT on their way to the airport, but the suitcase contained pieces and pieces of fashionable clothes in which they mixed and matched to take photos. And I was very sure those Korean girls were not alone in this.

Cafes are no longer just about coffee and cakes.

One in a Million 원인어밀리언
31 Itaewon-ro 54-gil, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울시 용산구 한남동 684-62
Tel: +82 02-794-2414
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Sat), 11am – 10pm (Sun)
Google Maps – One in a Million Itaewon

Branch: 818-5, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: +82 02-554-9913
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Mon – Sat), 12pm – 10pm (Sun)

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