[New Delhi] While the name might suggest culinary cheekiness (pun intended), Between Buns, is something entirely different with its comfort food presented in a contemporary fashion.

Situated in the hip SDA Market, opposite one of India’s leading engineering institutions, IIT, Between Buns packs a punch with its flavourful and ingredient heavy dishes made with passion and panache.

SDA Market, over the last decade, has come up as the go-to place to eat and chill-out.

I grew up in this very area. Unfortunately, it only became chic once I had moved.

Now, quite a few funky cafes are prevalent in the market with regular clientele and each having a somewhat unique characteristic to it.

Between Buns is a new addition, being only a year old, yet it has managed to form its own niche that is purely based on the food that it serves.

Because of its location, there is a predominantly younger crowd that comes here.

Between Buns walks the thin line between a café and a pub quite well.

Situated on two levels, the ambience of the restaurant is cosy and perfect to host a private party.

The bar on the vicinity gives it sophistication, whereas the food menu takes the culinary aspect to a uniquely different level with its spectacular choices.

The interior of the restaurant is understated elegance, a little cramped, but comfortable nevertheless.

The décor is in part industrial with a dose of the “unfinished” look thrown in for good measure.

The furniture and the use of colours are retro, but it all works and create an ambience that changes, without doing anything, from casual in the daytime to classy at night.

The menu at Between Buns is enough to make anyone drool.

Take their Truffle Mac-n-Cheese Burger (Rs 249, SGD$ 4.95) that comprises of a poppy seed brioche, truffle oil, macaroni pasta, parmesan tossed in garlic, and is accompanied by a mustard cheese fondue.

I know what I’m having on my next visit.

From the food that I have had, the little play around they do with the classic bruschetta in their “Bun”chetta (Rs 229, SGD$ 4.55) is flavourful and keeping in tune with their theme.

The Slow-Roast Pastrami Cubano (Rs 649, SGD$ 12.90) is what meaty heaven is all about.

4 Hours of oven roasting and the bold flavours of a plum ginger dressing and Monterey Jack cheese makes it a must-have.

Another stand out dish is the Beet Burger (Rs 299, SGD5.95) which is an attention grabber with its “red” appearance and of course, does not falter when it comes to taste.

Between Buns takes pride in making their own sauces and buns in-house on a daily basis. I feel this is the kind of commitment that makes a restaurant stand out amongst its competition.

Moreover, there is a lot of young blood behind the restaurant, in its chef and owner, and instead of following what everyone else is doing, I appreciate that they are breaking the mould and presenting delectable cuisine.

Between Buns is quite simply a breath of fresh air. I love how experimental they are with the food they serve without being too dramatic about it.

It really makes me happy to see that this new breed of restaurants is taking chances and in the process are challenging the tastes of the customers to give them something exclusive and stimulating.

Between Buns is definitely not just another café or burger joint. Instead, it’s a gastronomic destination and darn good one too.


Between Buns
C 13, SDA Market, Opposite IIT Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
Tel: 075031 71111
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 12:30pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Between Buns

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* Written by DFD’s India Correspondent @tickereatstheworld. Raghav is a travel and food writer who enjoys the thrill of discovering new places and writing about them. When he is not working, he can be found driving around his two kids from one birthday party to another.


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