Friends in East of Singapore should be familiar with Our Tampines Hub, Singapore’s first-ever integrated community and lifestyle hub.

However, if you have yet to visit there, this is a place with a lot of activities going on.

I was surprised to find a variety of sports facilities – like an elevated jogging track, swimming complex, gym (managed by Active SG), 20 indoor badminton courts (20!) 2 futsal courts, a hockey court, and 4 tennis courts; community club, a regional library, and many retail shops. Just to name a few.

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As for the Festive Mall, you would need some time to navigate around with more than 100 stores, a 24 hours supermarket, and wide range of F&B outlets, many of which offer Halal options.

Here are 9 food places found at Our Tampines Hub:

Rumah Makan Minang
Our Tampines Hub #B1-47A
Tel: +65 6294 4805
Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Authentic Indonesia home-style cuisine
Founded way back in 1954, this Halal Indonesian restaurant specialises in reasonably priced Minangkabau cuisine, namely Nasi Padang and Beef Rendang.

Their flagship outlet is located at Kandahar Street near Sultan Mosque, and the family has opened this outlet as they have many fans staying in the East.

Few know that they open for breakfast. So you know where to go now if you crave for Mee Rebus ($4), Soto Padang ($4), Lontong ($4), Gado-Gado ($4) and Nasi Rawan ($6) in the morning.

OTH Recommends: Nasi Padang
Come lunch time, and the restaurant will be packed with diners who are there for a hearty plate of Nasi Padang – steamed rice served with various choices of cooked dishes.

Most would add a dish of Beef Rendang ($3.50) of succulent beef cooked over slow charcoal fire; or Ayam Belado Hijau ($3.50) – tender chicken in signature green chilli marinate.

The Sotong Masak Hitam – fresh marinated squid in a tangy dark soy gravy; Ikan Belado Hijau – fried mackerel in signature green chilli marinate; and Sayur Lodeh of mixed vegetables boiled soft, spiced and flavoured will also add fiery kicks to your meal.

If you have space or come in a group, do order the Indonesian Tahu Telur ($6), a dish of large fried tofu mixed with eggs, grated peanuts with addictive dark sweet soy sauce. Sedap lah.

Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks
Our Tampines Hub #B1-43
Tel: +65 9783 1450
Opening Hours: 12.00pm – 10.00pm, last orders at 9.45pm (Mon – Sun)

Inspired by classic American comfort diner fare
Meet the crowd favourites of cheesesteaks, burgers and sides at the Toko Burgers and Cheesesteaks.

The kiosk, formerly known as Carnivori, started out as a small Halal food stall in 2016 at the Geylang Bazaar. Demands increased and they now have an outlet at Our Tampines Hub.

Food is largely inspired by classic American comfort diner fare, with Korean and Italian twists.

Other than the best-selling The Philly ($8.90), other items to look forward to include The Seoul ($8.90), Toko Burger ($8.90), and Beef Chilli Fries ($5.00). The fries are a must-get.

OTH Recommends: The Classic Philly
The Philly is well-loved and stands out, plus you don’t find that many Philadelphia Cheesesteaks around in Singapore.

What you get are slices of enticing, juicy, grilled rib-eye stick, with gooey melting cheese center, topped with crunchy green peppers and caramelized onions. Great for takeaways, and makes a substantial lunch or teatime treat.

Niigata Bento
Our Tampines Hub #01-86
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, last order 9.30pm (Mon – Sun)

Japanese Bento Sets, Donburi and Curry Bowls
Niigata Bento derives its name from Niigata Prefecture which is considered the rice capital of Japan. It also marks the origin of Koshihikari, which is the world famous Japanese short grain rice with a rich sweet and nutty taste and a firm bite.

Featuring a wide-ranging variety of bento, donburi, chirashi and udon, this is where you can find Japanese meals at affordable pricing.

All of their Bento Boxes served with 2 sides are priced below $10 nett, with offerings of Teriyaki Chicken ($7.50), Tempura ($8.00), Tonkatsu ($8.00), Gyu ($8.50), Salmon Katsu ($7.00), and Chicken Katsu ($7.50) boxes.

Other signature items include Gyu Don ($10.50), Tonkatsu Curry Don ($11.50), and Yasai Tempura Udon ($8.50).

OTH Recommends: Bara Chirashi ($15.50)
The Bara Chirashi ($15.50) is an enjoyable concoction of assorted salmon and tuna sashimi along flavourful Japanese sweet egg roll cubes served atop the soft and fluffy Koshihikari Rice.

Eatz19 Express
Our Tampines Hub #01-84
Tel: +65 6222 2006
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

Western dishes with Eastern flavours
Running successfully for 19 years, this Halal-certified restaurant serves up Western dishes such as pastas with Eastern flavours.

The pasta dishes are included with interesting flavours from teriyaki, tom yam, sambal, curry, Szechuan, to chilli crab.

Two popular choices include the Chinese Style Stir Fry Beef Pasta ($9.80) which is cooked with fresh vegetables; and Black Pepper Potato Chicken Pasta ($9.80) of grilled tender boneless chicken leg served with potato salad and topped with black pepper sauce.

Good to know: This social enterprise restaurant is employing, supporting, and training women from all walks of life who face challenges at work and at home.

OTH Recommends: Soft-Shell Chili Crab Pasta ($12.80)
Featured in “Our Makan Places: Lost and Found”, I can see why the Soft-Shell Chili Crab ($12.80) comes highly recommended.

It is a moderately fiery dish of pasta cooked with fresh chili padi and zesty tomato paste, included with crisp soft-shell crab. Just check out the size of that crab.

Snackz It 可口味
Our Tampines Hub #01-82
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm

Comforting Taiwanese snacks to munch on
If you are missing Taiwan, you can always find some of their night market and street food offerings over at Snackz It 可口味.

The signature Oyster Mee Sua ($4.50) is their best-seller, topped with plump wholesome oysters, added with crispy golden shallots with dashes of chili and vinegar.

Slurp it up with satisfaction.

The other favourite choice is the Crispy Chicken ($4.50, larger than the size of your palm, deep-fried till a crisp golden brown on the outside, and moist on the inside.

The huge chicken slab is peppered with choices of original spice powder, chili powder, plum powder, or a mix of all of the above.

OTH Recommends: Red Hot Spicy Chicken 销魂椒麻鸡 ($4.80)
This Szechuan inspired dish is newly launched, with chunks of chicken thigh meat seasoned with a secret peppercorn and dried chili recipe.

There is this light ‘mala’ flavour that could set your tongue tingling.

For a dessert after snacking, look out for the Premium Bean curd Jelly Mix ($2.80), exclusively available at Our Tampines Hub’s outlet.

Sweet Monster
Our Tampines Hub #B1-K31
Tel: +65 9841 3233
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Pop-corn soft serve ice-cream from Korea
This is Korean soft serve ice cream brand Sweet Monster’s first outlet in the East, located in the basement of Our Tampines Hub (near iTea).

The Popcorn Monster Ice Cream ($4.80, $6.80) is available in a variety of flavors, from Caramel, Choco, Strawberry, Green Tea, to mix of Caramel & Cheese.

Other than the Popcorn Monster Ice Cream ($6.80), other sweet tempting flavors come in the form of air-popped Popcorn ($5.50 per box), Monster Cake with Ice Cream ($5.90, $7.00) and Monster Bingsu ($8, $10).

OTH Recommends: Mix Flavor Monster Popcorn Ice Cream ($6.80)
The Mix Flavor Monster Popcorn Ice Cream ($6.80) which comes with both caramel and cheese flavored popcorns is a crowd pleaser – rich, milky softserve surrounded with a mixture of sweet and savoury popcorns.

Good to know: The ice cream here is also less sweetened with zero transfat, making it a healthier dessert choice for the family.

[Closed] Mellow
Our Tampines Hub #B1-52B
Tel: +65 8808 8193
Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm (Tues, Wed), 11am – 10pm (Thurs – Sun), Closed Mon

1st Japanese Melon Pan ice cream sandwich store in Singapore.
Mellow is a Japanese Melon Pan specialty shop, probably the first of its kind in Singapore.

A Melon Pan is a type of sweet bun from Japan, made from an enriched dough, covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie-like exterior.

While it is called a “melon” pan, there are actually no melons involved in the making. That is because their appearance resembles a rock melon.

The kiosk also serves up ice cream ($4.80 onwards), MeroBurger ($3.50 onwards) – of Melon Pan stuffed with chicken patty, teriyaki chicken or curry beef, MeroWings ($8.50 for 10), and Gelatte ($7.80) – cold latte with a scoop of Gelato.

OTH Recommends: MelonPan Gelato
This is like an ice cream sandwich, of Melon Pan wrapped with sweet gelato within. Interesting flavours include Avocado, Chendol, Black Sesame, Coffee Chip, Melon, Honeycomb, Yuzu and D24 Durian.

There is also a twice-baked break given – called a “rusk”, which acted as a “spoon” to scoop the gelato instead of licking or biting directly into it.

The Melon Pan reminded me of Hong Kong’s Polo Bun with its crisp and light outer layer.

Our Tampines Hub #B1-K29
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Cups of freshly brewed tea in different flavours
Established in 2011, homegrown beand iTea has recently opened an outlet at Our Tampines Hub, bringing a wide range of milk tea, juices, smoothies, yogurt drinks, premium tea, and ice blended drinks.

The huge variety of chilled drinks comes at affordable pricing.

If you are stuck at what to choose, best-selling beverages include the Golden Oolong Milk Tea ($2.70), Matcha Latte ($3.5), Earl Grey Latte ($3.50), Honey Green Tea ($2.30), and Assam Black Tea ($2.10).

OTH recommends: Fresh Lemon Drinks
Try iTea’s revitalizing Fresh Lemon Green Tea ($2.70) or Fresh Lemon Earl Grey ($2.90) included with fresh lemon juice which is packed with Vitamin C, and provides that citrusy summer feel.

The shop also offers Fresh Lemon Yakult ($3.30), along with other flavours of Mango, Peach, Passion Fruit, and Green Apple Yakult, which is another great option with probiotics to enhance immunity and digestion.

Spinelli Coffee
Our Tampines Hub #01-K8
Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs), 8am – 12am (Fri – Sun)

Hand-crafted espresso beverages, sandwiches, stews, salads and soups
With a number of outlets in Singapore and even Cambodia, Spinelli Coffee is opening an outlet at Our Tampines Hub to satisfy your caffeine needs.

They are best known for hand-crafted espresso beverages, and coffee beverages blended with ice known as “Spin”.

If you need some food, look out for other Spinelli specialty items of sandwiches, stews, salads and soups include fresh Quinoa Patty Salad ($9.80), and Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Sandwich ($3.40).

Also take your pick from their American-style baked products such as muffins, scones, tarts, cookies and brownies, all prepared daily in their own bakery.

The recommended choice is the Devil’s Chocolate Cake ($5.80), best paired with a refreshing cup of Matcha-T Twist ($6 for reg 12oz, $7 for large 16oz) or Hazelnut Chocolate Spin ($5.70 for reg 12oz, $6.70 for large 16oz).

OTH Recommends: Cold Brew Soft Serve
Probably the first (and only) in Singapore to introduce the Cold Brew Soft Serve, the treat is served in a cone or on freshly baked waffle, topped with mochi, marshmallows, biscotti or chocolate chips.

Have a bite at the smooth, velvety swirl, and get perked up with the aroma and lingering taste of cold brew coffee.

Our Tampines Hub
1 Tampines Walk Singapore 528523
(5 min walk from Tampines MRT station)

Our Tampines Hub

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Our Tampines Hub.



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