Durians are known to be the smelliest fruit on Earth, described as “taste like heaven, but smell like hell”.

Known to come in various shapes and sizes, durians are now labelled with Chinese names that gets more flamboyant over the years and numbers such as D13, D21, D24 that is nowhere close to a winning 4D number.

As Singapore’s favourite fruit, so much that we have an entire building – The Esplanade shaped like one (I mean two), durian comes from the Malay word ‘duri’ which means thorns as seen from its outward appearance

Just when durian fruit gets a little boring, here are 10 Durian combinations to indulge and celebrate this season.

Durian Mousse with Gula Melaka Cream… And Durian Nasi Lemak – Lime at PARKROYAL on Pickering

Soft, pillowy and fluffy cake with layers of local flavours such as durian mousse and gula melaka cream.


Just when we thought that the Nasi Lemak trend is for the previous year, it is now incorporated with Mao Shan Wang durian in it.


This funky creation with distinctive and aromatic sambal chilli, fragrant coconut rice and saltiness from the fried ikan bills and crunch from the peanuts is indeed memorable. Lime (PARKROYAL on Pickering)

Durian & Coconut Deutsch Skillet Pancake – d’ GoodCafe

When you can literally see a huge chunk of D24 durian flesh on top of the soft and warm pancakes, you know you are in for a treat.

Imagine the contrast in temperature between cold, milky vanilla ice cream and warm pancakes, crunchy coconut sables and soft durian flesh. Shiok!

Mao Shan Wang Lava Croissant – Keong Saik Bakery

Bye bye lava cakes, hello lava croissants!

Lava croissant first made its appearance in Singapore in 2016 in the form of salted egg flavour and the trend continues on with the King of Fruits, I mean the King of King of Fruits – Mao Shan Wang.

Mao Shan Wang Softserve – Mao Shan Wang Café

When it comes to all things durian, Mao Shan Wang Cafe by Four Seasons Durian is an entire cafe dedicated to both sweet and savoury durian dishes.

Durian pizza, durian coffee, durian softserve, durian napoleon that will increase our blood sugar level (and calories) by a fair bit.

Baked Durian – Double Durian

Another durian dedicated cafe that serves a selection of durian food.

Purists will scream at their signature item – Baked durian, when an entire durian is grilled over charcoal fire for an hour.

Durian Pulut Hitam Cake – Sinpopo Brand

Known for their traditional flavours such as Gula Melaka Cake, Ondeh Ondeh Cake, Pandan Kaya Glutinous Rice Cake, Sinpopo Brand offers a Durian Pulut Hitam Cake ($8.90) which combines 2 local flavours – Durian and Pulut Hitam (black glutinous rice).

Using D24 durian with a distinctive taste, the cake was quite light and refreshing.

Durian Chendol Softserve – Overrun Singapore

Craving for some cold durian desserts these days?

Muslim-owned Overrun offers signature soft serves with flavours such as Chendol ($6) and Durian Chendol ($8). The fusion of 2 locals flavours (chendol and durian) sparked off serious chemistry with its thick, smooth texture of the chendol softserve and rich, creamy durian puree.

D24 Durian Jasmine Tea – Hi Tea

Durian creations gets more innovative such as Durian with teas. Instead of the usual macchiato, a durian puree is poured over jasmine tea to give 2 distinctive layer.

The top layer being the aromatic and “pungent” durian cream with light and refreshing jasmine tea underneath it.

D24 Durian McFlurry – McDonald’s

I wonder if it’s a good thing when McDonald’s decides to launch their D24 Durian McFlurry because you can literally smell it in every corner of the shopping centre.

“I’m lovin’ it”? (cue McDonald’s music), not quite when I was quickly overwhelmed by the sweetness after a few (read: very few) instances of bitter-sweetness.

Durian Kaya Toast – Ya Kun

Keeping up to the latest trend, our local coffeeshop chain Ya Kun Kaya Toast had introduced Durian Kaya Toast ($3.20) and Pandan Durian Beancurd ($2.80) to their menu.

Can’t imagine having the Durian Kaya Toast right before a meeting because everyone will know what’s for breakfast.

Durian Snowy Ice – Ji De Chi Dessert 記得吃甜品

Desserts after meals get better with soft fluffy durian flavoured snow topped with a scoop of durian puree. I will definitely “ji de ” (remember) to lick my bowl clean.

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW].



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