This is perhaps for Japanese Pancake lovers. Riz Labo Kitchen from Omotesando Tokyo has opened at Japan Food Town Wisma Atria.

Not for long though, as this is a pop-up concept only from 21 July till 20 October 2018, 11am till 5pm daily.

The Riz Labo Kitchen Singapore is using the space occupied by Bar Nippon, and the bar which will resume their operation after 5pm.

That means, it will be a different experience to enjoy desserts in a dim, bar-like setting with high stools, poor acoustic and 20 seats in a… should I say claustrophobic area.

To me, pancakes are HAPPY food.

However, when diners enter the pancake café, the staff members were not too enthusiastic, without the usual warm Japanese greetings of “Irrashaimase…”, perhaps due to shortage of manpower.

This is even when the place is only about at 25% occupied, and is likely to be a problem when it gets crowded on a weekend.

Diners will have to be pro-active and approach the English-speaking staff to make your order when you enter the restaurant.

After which, you have to make your payment, get an order number and place it on the table.

Then, I wonder what the service charge is for.

For those intending to shoot some IG stories for your social media accounts, take note that photo and video-taking are NOT allowed on the preparation process.

Diners are only allowed to take photos of the end-product.

The menu is very concise, with only 4 pancakes available: Plain ($15), Matcha ($18), Premium Chocolate ($18) and a limited edition (only 10 per day) Strawberry Berry Ice-cream Kawaii Riz Labo Style ($20).

Unlike other pancakes, Japanese do it quite differently with a jiggly (cue Boomerang moment), fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

A distinguishing factor for Riz Labo Kitchen’s pancakes is that they are gluten free using self-cultivated rice flour (instead of wheat flour), light brown sugar, organic soy milk and rice oil.

Apart from the lack of enthusiasm in their service, their dedication and professionalism in making the ‘best’ pancakes is undeniable.

Each batch process can prepare up to 2 servings (3 pancakes per serving) and will take approximately 15 minutes.

The kitchen team seemed to be very precise with every single step, from preparing even scoops of batter to checking the temperature of the hot plates regularly at each time interval using a special equipment.

The end product: 3 stacks of evenly-sized pancakes about 4cm tall that jiggles and wobbles (for that Instagram-worthy moment).

The texture was so soft and fluffy with cotton-like characteristics like a soufflé. Taste-wise, my first impression was that of a Castella cake with distinct egg taste.

If you are comparing this to what you get in Japan, you may end up disappointed as it is just a cotton-like soufflé Castella cake.

The Matcha Pancake ($18++) comes with matcha powder sprinkled on it, a dollop of Hokkaido fresh cream, a scoop of Azuki beans and a small jar of maple syrup to drizzle on.

The small jar of maple syrup comes in handy halfway through the meal as the texture can be a little dry.

Matcha lovers will also probably be disappointed with the absence of the unique ‘green-tea-ness’.

This is only probably worth a try if you are a Japanese pancake lover, and are willing to wait since the preparation time is 15 minutes long for just 2 servings.Ganbatte ne!

Riz Labo Kitchen – Singapore
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Japan Food Town, 04-49, 435 Orchard Road Singapore 238877 (at Bar Nippon)
Opening Hours: 11am – 5pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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