Serious, I could smell McDonald’s from a few metres away. And I am not talking about their fries or chicken nuggets, but its NEW D24 Durian McFlurry.

The aunties behind the counter chuckled, ”Ah boy, you also want the Durian McFlurry?”

”$4, please”

Wah, so expensive.

So yes, the fast food chain has released the D24 Durian McFlurry, apparently made with REAL D24 durian puree which you swirl into creamy vanilla soft-serve.

On a side note, I was shooting the kiosk for my insta stories and the store manager came rushing out, ”Is there anything you want to complain?”

He let a big sign of relief when I explained that it was for Instagram. I commented that the store was ”Very 臭”. (smelly)

He went, ”It is actually very 香.” (fragrant) Good safe.

There was this artificially bright yellow colour found within the soft serve, as I dug within hoping to find some of those puree.

There were nuances of that bitter-sweetness, though not much, and I was quickly overtaken by the sweetness.

Give it a try, but I guess once was good enough?

A cautionary note: I was having a meeting half an hour after that, and I was for certain that durian smell was still lingering in my breath. Eeeeeek.


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