[Moscow] The search for the “Best cake in Moscow” brought me to Upside Down Cake Co. at Bolshaya Gruzinskaya.

While Moscow may not have a strong reputation for desserts and pastries compared to some other cities, Upside Down Cake Co. did not disappoint at all.

We may have our pre-conceived impression of Russia, but this dessert cafe brings about a different side of the city and country.

Some may find it too ‘girlish’ with the pinks, whites and mint greens. Not to mention white-colored bricks, floral designs and angel wings.

Founded in 2011 as a small confectionery, Upside Down Cake Co. has grown into a network of 8 stores all over Moscow, the latest of which opened April 2017 in Paveletskaya Square.

The one in Bolsyaha Gruzinskaya, in the neighborhood of Belarruskaya, is the first store.

Known by its initials UDC, this Russian confectionery is part of the Icon Food Group of restaurants, along with 3 other brands Black Market, Corner Burger, and Corner Grill.

New York-born of Puerto Rican descent Isaac Correa is one of the founders of UDC. You may be amazed that at 6, he is already learning how to cook. He has been living in Moscow developing restaurants and cafes of his own brand for the past 20 years.

The pastry genius behind all the cakes at UDC is no other than New York-expat confectioner Suki Maman.

Taking care of all coffee affairs is chief-barista Lera Gorelik, a certified SCA judge and one of the most sought after coffee specialists. Pavel Larionov is the chef in charge of the kitchen in UCD.

UDC is around half a kilometer away from Belorrusky station, or about 7-8 minute walk. Offers free Wi-Fi.

Through the years, it has expanded its range of fashionable confections, original drinks, individual cakes, and even developed all-day fitness breakfasts.

For sweet tooths, it is a paradise with its tantalizing array of classic American desserts, from mini cupcakes to Strawberry Daiquiri Icebox Cakes and Southern Sour Cherry Pies.

The Signature Upside Down Cake (430 RUB, SGD10.00) features an Oreo cookies base with meringue, cream cheese, fresh strawberries and berries, and finished with Chantilly cream.

The UDC Sponge Milk Cake (250 RUB, SGD5.81) is highly recommended, described as heavenly by some foodies.

It is a fluffy biscuit soaked in 3 kinds of milk (condensed, boiled, and melted milk) then topped with Chantilly cream.

To some, UDC is simply crack they’re hooked to. Like the Vanilla and Banana Pudding (310 RUB, SGD7.21) so addictive it is sometimes referred to as ‘crack cake’.

Made with custard, cream, condensed milk, bananas, hazelnuts and waffle sprinkles, it often gets sold out early.

UDC takes their coffee seriously. Every year, the team explores coffee plantations in Central and South America and Africa, does blind tasting, and buys the best tasting they find.

Their Colombia has bright apple acidity, and notes of pineapple, lemongrass, pear and tropical fruits. From Ethiopia, the chose the naturally-processed Boji variety with a sweet flavor bouquet of berries, grapes and dark chocolate.

Not a coffee drinker? They have bottled juices and fresh lemonades.

Each UDC store’s interior is unique in its own atmosphere, many times Instagram-worthy.

The ambiance is quiet and comfortable, even with lots of diners around, with not-too-loud music.

It could be your perfect date spot, a venue for meetings & small celebrations, or a place to stop by as you walk around the city center.

Key figures from the music and film industry have trooped to this place, as well as tourists from around the world.

Upside Down Cake & Co. (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya)
125047 Moscow, Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 76 (Nearest Metro: Belorusskaya)
Б. Грузинская ул., 76, Москва, 125047
Tel: +7 499 250 2712
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm (Mon – Fri); 10:00am – 11:00pm (Sat – Sun)

Google Maps – Upside Down Cake & Co. (Bolshaya Gruzinskaya)

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