The name “Scissors Paper Stove” is the play on the game “scissors paper stone”, which can suggest the playfulness and light-heartedness behind this NEW Asian tapas restaurant.

Foodies who stay in Serangoon should be familiar with Teck Chye Terrace – a row of shophouses lined with restaurants serving a variety from Thai seafood, Taiwanese cuisine, Korea BBQ to Laksa steamboat.

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Scissors Paper Stove is a welcomed addition, located right opposite Paya Lebar Methodist Church, with an unmissable façade decked in baby blue, pink and yellow.

I liked that the interior stays true to the theme – instagrammable walls with rainbow-coloured zig zag lines, pastel coloured furniture and plushy cushions all round. The mood is almost childlike, but not tacky or over-the-top.

The restaurant is helmed by couple Chomel Yang and Januver Chow – one designs the menu and desserts and is usually behind in the kitchen, the other showcases his bartending flair behind the bar.

Do not discount them for their age, for they already had experience with their venture with Fratini La Trattoria at Greenwood Avenue. (Like what were we doing when we were twenty-somethings?)

Their second restaurant comes inspired after a trip to Melbourne, as the pair wanted to bring back the colourful food culture which also marries flavours of Asia.

The menu is generally divided into mains, tapas, desserts, and drinks, and prices are kept affordable – the restaurant has waived off additional service charge and GST. What you see on the menu is all NETT pricing.

Tapas take centrestage, with 16 options and periodic additions – depending on the ‘season’, to cater to diners who come back regularly.

Priced at 2 for $20, 4 for $36, 6 for $48, the way to experience more and get more ‘discounts’ is to gather a bigger group to share the food.

These are some of the 12 signature mains, tapas, dessert and drinks from Scissors Paper Stove:

Main – Cartafata ($28 nett)
Fresh sea bass and mixed seafood oven-stewed in a sealed bag with lemongrass, lime leaves and tomato base, which helps retain the flavours and aroma. Paired with Thai Yellow Fried Rice.

Main – Paella ($20 nett for 1 pax and $36 nett for 2 pax)
Seafood, chicken and chorizo cooked with plump grains of bomba rice laden in a lobster bisque, finished with a touch of saffron.

Main – Beef Cheek ($18 nett)
Fork-tender red wine braised beef cheek on mashed potato, served with seared seasonal vegetables by the side.

Tapas – Iberico Pork Belly ($11 nett)
Slow-roasted Spanish Iberico Pork Belly seared for a crispy finish, served with caramelized shallots, coriander and ginger sauce on the side. Take note this is served chilled.

Tapas – Lamb Kebab ($11 nett)
Indian-style Kebab made with lamb shoulders, infused with lemongrass and skewered with roasted pumpkin and capsicum.

Tapas – Beef Skewers ($11 nett)
Beef skewers with shitake mushroom (instead of the traditional button mushrooms) with Thai style homemade chilli sauce.

Tapas – Calamari ($10.50 nett)
Deep fried squid rings with harissa mayonnaise. There are vegetables such as zucchini beneath which will soak up the squid juices.

Dessert – Panna Cotta ($4 nett)
Smooth, creamy Panna Cotta infused with lemongrass and lime.

Dessert – Pandan Churros ($5 nett)
Pandan Churros with Gula Melaka dip. Compared to Spanish churros which are usually fluffy and airy, these have a more cake-like texture.

Dessert – Lava Cake ($8 nett)
Chocolate lava cake with caramel drizzle and vanilla ice cream.

Cocktail – Tak Kiu Peng ($12 nett)
Vodka base shake with amaretto and added with the favourite Milo.

Cocktail – Nim Jiom ($13 nett)
Bourbon with soothing Pi Pa Gao. Yes, that traditional Chinese cough syrup that is taking the US by storm now.

While there are many tapas restaurants in the CBD area, Scissors Paper Stove is able to deliver something different in the Serangoon neighbourhood.

They somehow maintained to strike a balance between Spanish and Asian in terms of menu design; and colourful and comfortable for its vibes. Give them some time to get a better sense of the diners in this area, and I am positive they would fine-tune the menu with more family-favourites.

If I were to recommend, the Cartafata for its hearty flavours make it a good-sharing dish for groups; and the Calamari was somehow impossibly addictive.

I have learnt that co-owner Chomel graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, London, which explains the strength in the desserts. Among the four, I would say go for the Panna Cotta, and I certainly hope there are more sweet treats to come.

Scissors Paper Stove
9 Teck Chye Terrace Singapore 545720
Tel: +65 6242 0021
Opening Hours: 12pm – 12am

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Scissors Paper Stove.


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