[Jakarta] The idea of dining at an eatery or restaurant for instant noodles may sound weird to many foreigners, but it is considered a norm for Indonesians.

Somehow, the taste of that same packet of instant noodles tends to be “better” compared to when cooked at home.

There is a rumor circulating around that some places uses “dukun” (a traditional healer) or in Malay, “Bomoh” to elevate the taste. That is of course, just hearsay.

Despite all the spirituals rumors, nothing would stop the love of Indonesian towards the nation’s favorite instant noodle, Indomie.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Indomie is popular Indonesian instant noodle brand, manufactured by PT INDOFOOD – the largest noodle manufacturer in the world.

It is widely popular that Indonesian refers every instant noodles as “Indomie”.

Unofficially declared as one of the national dishes, many considered Indomie as the world’s tastiest instant noodle.

Indomie is easily available nationwide as well as internationally. In the recent years, even cafes in Australia begin serving Indomie as part of their menu, ranging from Indomie burger, burrito, pizza and even Indomie donuts.

On top of that, many Youtubers frequently review Indomie in their “Mukbang” eating videos.

Warung “Ropang Plus Plus” which literally translated to “Grilled Toast Plus Plus”, serves up Indomie Mie Goreng in various forms.

This newly revamped warung is located in Pluit area, North Jakarta.

Opened from 6pm till late, you will be surprised how enthusiastic Indonesians are with instant noodles, to the point you need to be on a waiting list.

The Indomie Goreng served here is somehow different from other warungs. This is possibly due to their own seasoning and secret recipe.

I ordered the Indomie Plus Plus Goreng (IDR 16k, SGD 1.60) with additional corned beef (IDR 5k, SGD 0.50) & fried egg (IDR 5k, SGD0.50).

The noodles were cooked perfectly, neither too soggy nor clumped up.

The Salted Egg version (IDR 23k, SGD2.30) came with an additional salted egg sauce. Personally not a big fan of this dish, as it was too greasy for my liking.

The Indomie Creamy Milk (IDR 15k, SGD1.50) with additional Mozzarella cheese (IDR 10k, SGD1.00) reminded me of carbonara.

Not too bad to be honest, but the noodle were slightly clumped up and cold.

Besides Indomie, they do offer other dish varieties such as the classic Roti Panggang, Sate Taichan, Pisang Goreng, options of rice bowls and other fingers foods as well.

The Sate Taichan (IDR 25k, SGD2.5k) consisted of grilled plain chicken meat, served with hot chili sauce, salt and lime as condiments.

Not that worth the hype, I guess?

If there is Indomie, there is always Roti Panggang, this duo seems inseparable.

The Grilled Toast is actually a Dutch influenced dish consist of a plain toast, spread with plain butter and topped with chocolate sprinkles.

Sometimes, it is topped with cheese, drizzled with condensed milk then grilled for a few minutes.

Call me old fashion, despite the tempting ‘modern’ toppings such as Nutella, Ovomaltine, Oreo, and fruit jams, I prefer something more classic likethe Chocolate & Cheese (IDR 20k, SGD 2.00).

The “Badak” (IDR 12k, SGD1.20) which translate to “Rhino”is the Indonesian version of Coca-Cola. It is especially famous in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, found in Medanese owned stores.

The Soda Gembira (IDR 12k, SGD 1.20) which translate to “Happy Soda” is a mixture red Fanta (usually) and sweet condensed milk.

This is one classic drink here in Indonesia, said to be inspired by Italian Soda. Could be too sweet for many.

Traditionally, Indomie served only in “warung(s)” or street vendors but with the growing populations of “millennials”, shop owners tend to find a way to introduce the “Jaman Now” a.k.a “New” trend of Indomie.

Ropang Plus Plus is probably one of the best and most popular ones around.

Ropang Plus Plus
Jalan Pluit Sakti Raya no. 21 A, Penjaringan, Pluit, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara 14450
Tel: +62 218 1688 8297
Opening Hours: 5:00pm – 1:00am (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Ropang Plus Plus Jakarta

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* Written by DFD͛’s Jakarta Food Correspondent @iknowhowtoeat who loves exploring NEW food places in both Indonesia and Singapore. DFD pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. I had food poisoning here. it lasted for a week (before this article was uploaded)
    honestly, I don’t know what happened. Because as soon I was served with the meal, the waiter said sorry. I just assumed sorry because they took a while to serve? thinking back maybe I was spiked lol. But don’t wanna speculate things. But in general, the food still tasted good, although about overpriced for instant noodles?

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