Spice World Hotpot 香天下火锅 which captured attention during opening days for its Teddy Bear Mala Hotpot, with Wagyu Beef draped over barbie dolls (Lady Gaga style) has ended operations.

Months after opening, it continued to attract eyeballs for its “Bubble Tea Hotpot” with mango popping pears and Oreo cookies as toppings, but perhaps that drew more curiosity rather than actual walk-ins.

Some may link its closure to the COVID-19 scare, as hotpot restaurants in general took a beating when 10 members of a family in Hong Kong became infected after sharing the dish.

However, Spice World Hotpot seems to have closed in January, amidst tough competition all around.

[The following is a review written in 2018]. Despite the rather hot weather, Singaporeans just cannot get enough of hotpots. Spice World Hot Pot, also known as “香天下” has arrived from China to Clarke Quay.

It is known as one of China’s top global hotpot brands, with no artificial flavours, MSG or flavour enhanced used. Soup bases are first prepared in Sichuan China, then air-flown to Singapore.

You can choose from 7 different soup bases. Most would go for the signature Mala which comes in three varying degrees of spiciness (mild, medium, hot), pork belly and chicken, three-delicacies (pork, chicken, duck), wild mushroom, tomato, tom-yam, and curry.

The Teddy Bear Mala Hotpot (additional $8) is one of the most fun (and strangest hotpot) I ever had, with mala soup shaped into a teddy bear (or Hello Kitty). Watch the cute bear slowly melt into a pool of appetizing broth to cook your meats and handmade balls.

The only thing to take note it: there are only 10 bears and 10 kitties per day. Remember to reserve them as they are limited.

Most will also order the Australian M8 Wagyu beef ($38.90), draped like a meat dress over a doll. Lady Gaga will approve.

Spice World also offers a $15 4-Course Set Lunch available daily from 10:30am to 3pm.

The main course includes Chongqing Noodles, Chinese Sauerkraut Instant Fried Rice, Yangzhou-style Fried Rice, Pork with Cabbage Dumplings, or Pork with Leek Dumplings.

The set also offers FREE FLOW appetizer, sauce, snacks, fruits; Choice of Beverage (free flow): San Zha & Plum Drink, Herbal Tea or Longan Drink; and Dessert of the Day.

Spice World Hot Pot (香天下火锅)
Clarke Quay Block B #01-06/07 River Valley Road Singapore 179021
Tel: +65 6265 9777
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 4am (Sun – Thurs), 10:30am – 6am (Fri – Sat)
Reserve Online Now – Spice World Hot Pot

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