[Seoul] Compared to other Korean cafes which are usually more prominent due to the huge space or apparent design feature which stood out, Bunkasha was quite the contrary.

Despite being trendy with Korean youths, it is also quite inconspicuous.

Bunkasha is called 文化社 in Chinese, which roughly translates to “cultural society” or a place with artistic vibes.

I had a tough time trying to locate it, though it was conveniently located in between Myeongdong Shopping District and Gwang Jang Market (Seoul).

The vicinity was filled with many mechanical workshops and printing supplies shop – the least place to expect to find a café.

It also didn’t help when the café was located on level 2.

I actually passed by the place twice, until I spotted their tiny signage with “文化社” sitting beside a staircase which led me up to the café.

Despite being a weekday afternoon, I was quite surprised the place being filled with many trendy young Koreans chit-chatting, while enjoying the minimal space.

The place was about the size of a regular living room, white-washed and minimally done up with an artistic flair.

Add the soft lighting which poured through the translucent curtain for the 文青 (artistic + intellectual style) ambience.

Their menu selection was limited with only dessert and beverage offerings. I went for the signature Fruit Sandwich (8,000 KRW, SGD10) which came with an assortment of fruits like strawberries, banana and kiwi sandwiched with a layer of fresh cream.

While Fruit Sandwiches are instagrammable and quite popular in Korean cafes, the layer of fresh cream felt rich and too much for me to withstand.

Instead, I took a liking to their Earl Grey Milk Tea (6,000 KRW, SGD$7.50) which was milky smooth and scented with earl grey tea fragrance.

For caffeine-free beverages, go for their neatly presented Omija Lime Soda or Yuzu Lemon Soda (6,500 KRW, SGD8.10) which could serve as a good thirst quencher.

Else, usual coffee favourites like Americano (5,000 KRW, SGD6.25), Latte & Flat White (5,500 KRW, SGD6.90) are also available.

While Bunkasha was nice environment to chill and relax over a cuppa, the noise level could be a turnoff when the place was packed filled with people.

Bunkasha 분카샤
14-gil, 20, Level 2, Eulji-ro, Seoul, South Korea
14길 20, 2층, 을지로, 서울특별시
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Tue to Sat), 12pm – 6pm (Sun), Mon Closed


Google Maps – Bunkasha

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* Written by Lewis Tan @juicyfingers, a self-proclaimed coffee addict. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. Such Korean’s flavor! Their food is deserved as a beautiful picture- elegant and delicious. I wonder the glass with Lemon, apple and Kiwi is Omija Lime Soda or Yuzu Lemon Soda?


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