Talk about Hainanese style steamboat and the average diner may be more familiar with Thien Kee Steamboat at Golden Mile Tower.

People may just miss out Hainan Street Steamboat, located at a further corner at the basement of Chinatown Point.

While the restaurant has the word “steamboat” to its name, potential customers may think that is the only thing it serves.

There are actually other dishes such as Hainanese Satay ($16.80 per set), Hainanese Chicken ($16.80, $28.80), Hainanese Pork Chop ($16.80, $32.80), Deep Fried Prawns ($18.80, $36.80), and Hainanese Mixed Vegetable ($16.80, $21.80).

I did wonder about its price-point, and lack of publicity and awareness.

Its steamboat is priced at $38 for small, $48 for medium, and $58 for large. However, I think that the menu may need some re-working as it does not really indicate what is included in each set.

I just ordered any way and allowed myself to be surprised…

The set came with a container of cabbage which was first added to the hot stock, along with sliced pork, chicken, prawns, fishballs, sliced fish, squid, pig’s liver, and a complimentary dish of 3 abalone.

If you are used to heavy, robust-tasting 10 hotpots in Singapore, this version may come across too light and could do with more flavours.

But I was fine with it, as it allowed the freshness of the ingredients to shine through, and didn’t leave a queasy feeling after the meal.

Also, the accompany chilli was very tasty, and to someone who think the steamboat is too bland, then the chilli will most likely save the day.

Hainan Street Steamboat
133 New Bridge Road #B1-16 ChinaTown Point Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 69351389
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

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