[London] Unless you are specifically searching for Milkbar, and have been tracking your progress on a map, you are more likely to have found this tiny café nestled in interminable streets of Soho by making a wrong turn.

This place is not flamboyant or conspicuous and does not portray itself as part of the eccentric café scene in London, but instead seems a destination for simplicity and calm.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this café is related to the celebrated Momofoku Milkbar in New York – they have completely different feels to them.

Much like its more popular sister café Flat White, Milkbar is affectionately antipodean with great vibes, a wonderfully relaxing soundtrack and a selection of treats from you to sample.

They also serve coffee from the same award-winning producer, Drop Coffee, experts in the field that are Swedish in origin.

The Milkbar interior contributes to the tranquil ambiance.

There are warm hanging bulbs that add to the cave-like cosiness, a few pieces of art upon the walls, wood furniture, and colourful patterned seats by a small coffee table at the window.

There are posters too behind the counter and coffee machines , that give the place a colourful and vibrant exuberance.

Friendly staff ply their trade to the beat of pretty music, recommending pastries and confections that do not find themselves on most traditional café menus.

I was beguiled by the vegan pistachio cake (£3.00, SGD5.54), a small oval of moist pistachio sponge dotted with poppy seeds and topped with a pleasingly sweet icing.

Though I do not often indulge in cakes beyond the occasional piece of chocolate gateau, I could not help but order another one of these to sate my craving.

To drink I got my usual flat white (£3.00, SGD5.54). I am a huge fan of the cup at their sister café and they do it just as well at Milkbar, subtly rich and pertinently warm, perfect with something sweet.

It is worth noting that their espressos, hand-poured filters and their drip filter cold-brews are also rather delicious here.

When it comes to their coffee you do not need to be a coffee aficionado to enjoy a cup in such an unpretentious atmosphere.

Just come and let Milkbar treat you well with great coffee, nice tunes and lovely people.

Milkbar Soho
3 Bateman St, Soho, London W1D 4AG
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 5:30pm (Mon – Fri), 9:30am – 6:00pm (Sat – Sun)
Google Maps – Milkbar Soho

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* Written by DFD’s London Food Correspondent Leander Dias SaltyCritic. Leander Dias was born and raised in Dubai, a burgeoning city with diverse food culture. Since moving to London to read for his English MA at UCL, he has utterly immersed himself in the local food scene, writing extensively about everything he eats everywhere he goes. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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