[New Delhi] The newest offering from the Olive Group is a petite café that is housed adjacent to the iconic Olive Bar and Kitchen at One Style Mile in New Delhi.

The Grammar Room is a welcoming and comfortable space that forms its own identity by being quirky and presenting mouth-watering food in a stylish yet casual setting.

Literally the baby of the “house” that A. D. Singh and team has built, The Grammar Room gets the backing of the Olive brand name along with that initial push into the big bad competitive culinary world.

However, it manages to tap into the zeitgeist of the ever-changing food industry with its innovative seasonal menu and the aura that it aims to generate by focusing on good food.

Summery, pretty, inviting… were some of the words that ran through my head upon entering the restaurant.

Even with limited area, there was a sense of openness to the café that was attractive.

The little patio on the outside that overlooks the forest is guaranteed to be in demand especially during the cool winter months.

Then there is the menu which is limited to just one page, full of options that appeal to the healthy and those that love to indulge.

The Grammar Room is an all-day restaurant that juggles multiple personalities. From being the hippest breakfast place in the city to an artisanal coffeeshop, it is a great place to have the perfect lazy lunch or after-work drinks with friends.

The interiors of the The Grammar Room are cosy, homely, and simply alluring.

Large windows let in ample light from both sides and there is a conscious attempt to make the surroundings green with potted plants on tables and as part of the décor.

Quirky is the name of the game and it oozes in this restaurant.

Books next to tables, board games to play with, colouring books, and walls adorned with modern art, there are conversation starters stacked all around.

However, the food at The Grammar Room was a combination of hits and misses.

The Shroom Melt (Rs 475, SGD9.50) and Basic Brekkie (Rs 325, SGD6.50) both lacked seasoning and would go a long way if there were homemade sauces or chutneys on offer to flavour up some of these dishes.

The Coconut Cold Brew (Rs 250, SGD5.00) was the least impressive as it was basically caffeinated water with no real coconut taste.

And that was where the negatives end because the Make Some Egg Room (Rs 450, SGD9.00) was truly delicious with beautiful flavours and a variety eggy textures in the form of coddled eggs, friend poached eggs that had a soft centre, and a tamagoyaki omelette.

The highlight of the entire meal was Curry Up Bowl (Rs 650, SGD13.00) that consisted of Udon noodles in yellow curry complimented by colourful vegetables, nuts, and the crunchiest chicken karaage.

The service at The Grammar Room is to the point, unintrusive, and they seem happy to go off the menu to accommodate personal preference.

The unhurriedness that looms in the atmosphere is infectious.

Whether it is the food that is made fresh and thus takes a little time to arrive or the ease with which one can spend a good couple of hours here, The Grammar Room is a place you want to visit when time is your friend.

I would like to think The Grammar Room is a work in progress. It is ballsy enough to have a limited menu and plays around with food in a modern and experimental fashion.

However, for a place that serves breakfast, it opens a tad late at 10:00am and I am still not sure how well this food menu would work for dinner.

The Grammar Room understands the psyche of the city. People will flock here to eat, but also to be seen.

The real challenge though is to impress them as Delhi loves its food and can be quite vocal and choosy about it.

With minor tweaking in terms of seasoning and a slightly increase in quantities I believe The Grammar Room can be a frontrunner in the café-restaurant scene of the country.

The Grammar Room, New Delhi
One Style Mile, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
Tel: 081302 88558
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 11:30pm (Wed-Mon), Closed Tues
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* Written by DFD’s India Correspondent @tickereatstheworld. Raghav is a travel and food writer who enjoys the thrill of discovering new places and writing about them. When he is not working, he can be found driving around his two kids from one birthday party to another.


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