It is fair enough to say I am a fan of some of Chef Teppei Yamashita’s concept, from the earliest Teppei Japanese Restaurant (gosh, wrote it in 2012) to the more recent Man Man Unagi Restaurant.

There is thus, a certain expectation for Men-Men Tei, his first ramen eatery located at the basement of Marina One.

The shop is helmed by Chef Yoshihiko Watanabe, who drains the water from the noodles quite dramatically with a loud “Hey-sho!” (or something like that). It makes you anticipate more for what is to come.

Men-Men Tei is a no-fuss rather cramped eatery that should fit no more than 15. You eat and you go. This is the CBD.

The signature is the Special Tonkotsu Ramen ($15.80), comprising of 12-hour cooked pork bone soup, pork shoulder char siew, noodles supplied from Kanezin, and Ajitama egg.

Two interesting ramen in the menu include Creamy Sardine Ramen ($12) – a combination of dried baby sardine stock and tonkotsu soup; and Red Snapper Ramen ($15) – made from Kagawa red snapper’s extracted stock.

Although a local magazine reviewed that there would be Lobster Tonkotsu and Mazesoba in their preview, they were perhaps left out in the end.

I noted something amiss when the two customers seated next to me, just took some bites and a couple of sips of the soup, and left with their bowls three quarters untouched. Both of them. Four out of the five pieces of char siew stayed afloat right there. Hmm…

My order became the Red Snapper Ramen ($15) as the cashier heard wrongly (and also saw the wrong pointing in the menu).

The bowl arrived looking very ‘healthy’ – a piece of fish across, pale-looking noodles and clear soup.

To be honest, slightly disappointing, and it had to do largely with the noodles – perhaps too soggy and lacking of that springy bite.

The broth cooked with Japanese red snapper bones in salted water, lacked depth. Egg could have been more runny. All right, at least the fish was fresh-tasting.

Teppei’s restaurants typically open to a certain level of fanfare. Men-Men Tei however, is unfortunately not very satisfying. Sorry Teppei-san.

Men-Men Tei
Marina One #B2-28, The Heart, 5 Straits View Singapore 018935
Tel: +65 6282 7280

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