While Hong Kong has Tai Cheong Bakery and Honolulu Café, Singapore’s most famous egg tarts makers should be Tong Heng.

The egg tart and Chinese pastry shop has recently undergone a rebranding exercise, and opened to a newly revamped space and a sit-down café area.

More “atas” (upmarket) now!

Gone is the part traditional part kopitiam like setting. I think it is a much-needed and welcomed change, as colourful boxes of bright yellow, pinkish-red and baby blue line the wall.

The display of neat rows of Egg Tarts and Mooncakes were attractive, as curious tourists stepped in to escape the heat and ended up leaving with takeaway boxes.

What’s not changed is the famed Tong Heng Egg Tarts in the signature diamond shape, still continued to be rolled and molded by hands.

Thus, you would find every piece slightly different. That is the charm compared to those made uniform by machines.

Prices are up by 20 cents, but still acceptable in today’s economic climate.

The original “Dan-Ta” ($1.90) is indeed one of the best in Singapore, with crumbly and buttery pastry, and the wobbly smooth egg custard filling which melts in the mouth.

If you would like something different, try the Coconut Egg Tart ($2.10) topped with shredded fresh coconut, which adds that fibrous texture and faint fragrance.

Other popular pastries here include Chinese Cake with Red Bean Paste, Barbecued Pork Crisp, Chicken Curry Crisp (which is like a mini curry puff – I like), Pork Bun, Wife Pastry aka Lo Po Bing, Red Bean Paste Pastry to Mini Mooncakes.

Coincidentally, my friends and I recently had a hotpot meal at Chinatown and was desperately looking for a Chinese dessert shop. Surprisingly, there were not many, at least those which opened late enough.

Tong Heng also serves up varied Chinese desserts of White Fungus Soup, Black Sesame Dessert, Walnut Paste, Red Bean Soup, and Ginger Steamed Egg, priced between $3.60 to $4.50.

I was recommended the Longan Orange Soup ($3.50) by the auntie, as I was flushing from the hot weather outside. ”This is cooling de.”

While I thought it was slightly on the sweet side, I enjoyed the addition of ginger which had that spicy, soul-warming touch.

Now, if only they can extend their opening hours.

Tong Heng
285 South Bridge Road Singapore 058833
Tel: +65 6223 3649
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Last Baking Round 8:45pm)

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  1. I just discovered this site, but I’ll definitely be back! Your writing makes me feel like I’m sitting down with a friend to discuss new shops and topics!

  2. Delivery of Tong Heng for 6 egg tarts is how much incl any gst?

    Tel no. for delivery & can pay by cash on delivery, to my p.ris home?


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