The durian season is back with new durian shops opening around the island. But this caught my attention.

Durian fans may want to give this a try, with a shop called “Double Durian” at Jalan Besar selling the King of fruits.

At a first glance, Double Durian resembles Mao Shan Shang Cafe by Four Seasons Durian at Temple Street, Chinatown .

Both specialise in an extensive selection of durian desserts and pastries.

However, the selection of durian pastries at Double Durian is smaller with “safer” options such as Durian Snow Ice ($6.50/7.50), Durian Ice Cream (Single $4.80/ Double $6.80), Durian Sticky Rice ($6.80), Durian Cheesecake/ Crepe Cake ($6.50), Durian Smoothie ($5.80/6.80) and A&W Durian Float ($6.50).

While their menu does have a fair selection of Durian desserts and pastries, there is offering of Western cuisines such as Pasta ($12-12.80), Pizza ($10-22) and Burgers ($16-20) for the non-durian lovers.

The recommended dishes include Double D Burger, Triple Cheese Pizza, Chicken Seaweed Fried Rice and Pork Ribs Tower.

Their signature item (but not in their menu) is the Baked Durian (Musang King, Black Gold or Kings Durian) with seasonal pricing, prepared with 3 different methods:

1. Charcoal Baked – an entire durian including the durian shell is grilled over charcoal for an hour at an addition $5. Minimum 2 hours in advance order required.

2. Yin Yang Baked (4 seeds at $15) – frozen durian are baked for 10 – 15 minutes before serving.

3. Traditionally Baked – durian baked without the shell.

I had the Durian Smoothie ($5.80) which came in an interesting-looking cup (which toppled easily on the table top) perched on a wooden cup holder.

Coming with a single chocolate Pocky stick, the durian flavour was distinct but could be stronger for the hardcore durian lover.

Unfortunately, there were bits of ice within, and the texture could be creamier to provide a richer sensation.

All their pastries are made in house, including the Durian Crepe Cake ($6.50) with 3 layers of durian puree sandwiched between layers of mille crepe.

However, the layers of mille crepe were quite thick and starchy, with only subtle notes of durian in it.

They will probably need to Double the Durian. Pardon the pun.

There is potential for Double Durian in this market as their offerings are quite interesting. However, they could work on the taste element of some of their desserts.

Double Durian
8 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209179
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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