[Hong Kong] At Hong Kong’s Cha Chaan Teng, you can find some of the strangest food combination.

Maybe you haven’t thought Cheese Instant Noodles with Grilled Pork Neck would be possible.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新記餐廳 is a popular eatery in Hong Kong that attracts a large number of both locals and tourists.

They have two outlets; one is located at Tsim Sha Tsui, while the newer branch can be found at Wan Chai Heard Street (not Burrows Street any more).

The branch at Champagne Court at Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui is discrete and difficult to find. I went to the outlet at Wan Chai.

Photos of the celebrities who ate here line the walls – though I don’t know who they are (Sorry, haven’t watched HK dramas in a while!)

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles quickly became popular and has become a must-visit spot for many travellers who are visiting Hong Kong.

As for the interior of the Hong Kong cafe, it is as simple as it can be, basically an eatery with a couple of tables outside where you can have your meal.

I read about rude service online, but I had expectedly prompt service (though I won’t go to the extent to say that it was friendly).

The service is fast and they have an English menu available.

Other than the Grilled Pork Cheese Instant Noodles (HK47, SGD7.85), other items include Fresh Beef Cheese Noodles, Chicken Chop & Chicken Wings Cheese Noodles, and Red Sausage and Egg Cheese Noodles.

The original version does not come with an egg, though I would recommend adding one for more richness.

The dish kind of weird to me. Or more correctly said, I had a deep sense of guilt towards my cholesterol levels and waistline.

You mix the cheesy sauce and the noodles up. It was like that nacho cheese sauce you get from the cinemas, except that this seemed milkier.

Oh gosh.

The best part was the fatty and tasty charcoal grilled pork neck which had a good amount of both lean meat and fats.

The tip here is to add some of the chilli sauce, which reminded me of spicy Sichuan mala, that made the combination more savoury and cuts through the monotony.

Get someone to share a bowl with it, as it gets rather jelak (rich). If not, get a Hong Kong Milk Tea or unsweetened drink to wash it all down.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles
Champagne Court, Kimberley Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2722 4555
Opening Hours: 12pm – 1:30am (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Sun Kee Cheese Noodles

Branch: 4-6C Heard Street, Wan Chai, Shop C & D, G/F Kwong Sang Hang Building
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  1. Omg haha you wrote about this how awesome! I went to the difficult to fond location one. Yeah it was a but tricky. I took my friend there, we were in HK to visit relatives ( we are from Canada) A friend who grew up in HK had took me to that location and then I took my friend there the next day. A bit tricky to find.. walking through Champagne court to get there was weird haah my friend kept asking me you sure? Looks like we are walking through a bunch of pawn shops or somthing haha this was back in 2010ish


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