[Hong Kong] Famous Dim Sum 名點心 is an underrated dim sum place that is a few steps away from the famous One Dim Sum 一點心 but without the snaking queue.

Also located on Playing Field Road, you would easily dismiss it since there isn’t as much foot traffic outside the shop.

Opened since 2015, this hole-in-the-wall restaurant is relatively new to the block but they are certainly no strangers to the dim sum game.

In Hong Kong, there are 2 types of places you can typically enjoy dim sum. The traditional “yum cha” is done in large-scale Chinese restaurants which serves dim sum from morning till mid afternoon.

The second kind, which is gaining popularity in the past decade are the “all day dim sum” places where seating spaces are more limited and patrons go for a quick bite and rarely linger for too long.

This concept of dim sum restaurant was initiated by Tim Ho Wan 添好運 and then followed suit by many others like One Dim Sum 一點心, Dim Dim Sum and so on.

Quite a few of these “all day dim sum” restaurants have made it to the Michelin Guide, which subsequently resulted in snaking queues outside their humble shop fronts.

Personally, I have queued and tried most of them and queuing for hours also means I have a “this-better-be-worth-it” attitude towards the food served.

Word is the ex-chef of One Dim Sum 一點心 is the head honcho behind the kitchen at Famous Dim Sum. I asked and a guy in shabby white apron was pointed out to me “that one lah”.

The restaurant offers the usual traditional items you would find in a dim sum restaurant.

All items are of real good value, with items priced between HK$16- HK$32 (SGD2.70 – SGD5.50).

Without many online reviews, the unpretentious eatery was patronized mostly by local diners.

It was almost like a secret canteen for them that they didn’t want others to know about.

When a couple of tourists saw how there wasn’t a queue outside, they dismissed it quickly and shuffled on elsewhere, which is a pity really.

Honestly, that is also the sad perception about food places, the longer the queue the “better”.

All food items come piping hot and fill up your bellies without you realising it.

I recommend the Dim Sum Platter consisting of 4 different sampling items, which would be perfect if you were dining alone or with just a friend.

The Dim Sum Platter was at a ridiculously inexpensive HKD40 (SGD6.80) and consisted of 2 pieces each of Har Gow (prawn dumplings), Char Siew Bao (roast pork bun), Vegetable and Prawn Dumplings, and Chiu Chou Dumpling.

Usually I tend to over-order at dim sum places because I simply want to try everything on the menu. But this platter was perfect for sampling a bit of everything without overdoing it. I wished more places would offer tasting platters like this.

The dumplings had a good amount of prawns in them, without the dumpling skin being too thick.

The only let down was the Char Siew Bao, which had very little roasted pork, and also tasted too starchy. I guess for that low price, you get what you pay for.

I liked the Deep Fried Golden Taro Mochi HK$20 (SGD3.50), they weren’t too sweet and I found myself popping quite a few morsels of this fried desserts.

As for the Steamed Garlic Scallop With Rice (HK$30, SGD5), my friend found it tasting fishy but I actually found it okay.

For all that we ordered, we paid nothing more than HK113 (SGD19) with tea charge of HK3 (SGD $0.50) per person.

For that price, I really think it was pretty good value.

I will not go as far as to say the food at Famous dim sum deserves a Michelin star.

However, if I were looking for decent dim sum without standing in line for hours after a long day of shopping in Mongkok, Famous Dim Sum would be my go-to place.

Plus the bill definitely did not hurt my wallet one bit.

Famous Dim Sum 名點心
No. 7 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong (Prince Edward Exit A)
Tel: +852 2398 3183
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm Daily

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* Written by DFD’s Hong Kong Correspondent @kara_the_explorer , who is the Singaporean “tai tai” living the foodie dream in Hong Kong. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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