Finally got a chance to travel out from Changi Airport Terminal 2, and so I made a visit to SORA – the Japanese gourmet hall at Level 3 that is fashioned after an airline lounge.

SORA which translates to “sky” in Japanese, has a 7,760 square feet space which can seats about 300 diners, making it the largest ‘restaurant’ across the four terminals in Changi Airport.

It is located at the public area, so do not worry about needing to take a flight for a meal there.

There are six Japanese stalls located within, which are familiar names mostly from Eat At Seven from Suntec City, serving up ramen, sashimi, okonomiyaki and Nippon-inspired desserts and beverages.

Two of them are new-to-market brands: Tsuruhashi Fugetsu and Japoli Kitchen.

While the stalls are called ‘restaurants’, SORA functions like a food court in reality, in which diners have to order food and sit at the shared seating area. Wait for the buzzer, and then collect your food.

The good thing is, you are given a tracking tag so you only pay on your way out at the cashier.

However, I suspect that diners may come expecting slightly cheaper food than served in a restaurant, though it is inevitable that airport food can be at a higher price point.

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu
An okonomiyaki chain that hails from Osaka, serving up Okonomiyaki ($13) made with Available fresh cabbage, yakisoba (fried noodles) and an assortment of battered meat and seafood.

The ‘pancake’ would be drizzled in Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise and topped with bonito flakes.

I ordered a Yakisoba ($13, $15 with additional egg) and was not overly impressive. The pork slices turned out too tough and lacked that hot-flavoursome feel (then I recall a better one from Takashimaya basement).

I mean, it was okay. Maybe food-court standard?

Japoli Kitchen
Italian dishes with a touch of Japanese. The brand uses fresh pasta and flour specially imported from Japan.

Pasta dishes include Arrabbiata ($10.80), Bolognese ($14), Mentaiko ($14), Truffle & Mushroom; while pizza choices are Margherita ($14), Teriyaki Chicken ($15), Pepperoni Spicy ($15) and Smoked Salmon ($15).

Tendon Kohaku
Tendon Kohaku can be considered as one of Singaporean’s favourite Tendon shop.

It is known for its Edomae Tendon ($17.70), where bowls of Hokkaido rice piled with tempura drizzled in a specially made sauce are served.

To be honest, I still like the Tendon – compared to many mediocre one served in Singapore, though I think it has seen better days in the past.

Menya Takeichi
Tokyo’s top chicken ramen chain known for its collagen-rich Chicken Paitan broth. The ramen shop has consistently been ranked in the “Best 10 in Chicken Paitan Broth Ramen” category in Supleks Ramen Database, the largest ramen-related website in Japan.

The restaurant’s signature recipe is the Chicken Paitan Ramen, containing collagen-rich broth by simmering fresh chicken and chicken feet for hours. Though I read some not-so-good reviews of late.

A bowl of rich Shoyu Ramen starts from $13.90.

Kuro Maguro
Started by the number one Japanese fish wholesaler, offering meshi (rice dishes) with kaisen (seafood) and torobutsu (tuna) that are air-flown daily from Japan.

Bowls served here include Toro Butsu Meshi ($29.80), Kaisen Meshi ($23.30), Salmon Teri Mayo Meshi ($18) and Barachirashi ($18).

Tokyo Sundubu
Sundubu is a type of Korean jjigae featuring tofu cooked with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood. Treat this like a fusion of Japanese and Korean cultures.

Varieties include Miso Butter ($18.20), Chicken ($15.00), Cheese ($18.20), Japanese Oyster ($32.20) and Kimchi ($18.20).

There is also SORA Bar, which offers desserts, beverages, sake and cocktails such as Singapore Sling and Mojito.

SORA Japan Gourmet Hall
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard #036-058/059 Singapore 819643
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 11pm Daily

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