[Northpoint City outlet Closed] True Boss 醋頭家 is the first fruit vinegar specialty tea shop in Singapore, a brand which hails from Taiwan.

The popular chain store which originated from Tainan specialises in fruit vinegar, bubble tea, fruit smoothies and vinegar yogurt.

The revamped Northpoint City can still be a maze to many, and one of the easiest to get here is to get to South Wing’s basement 2 with connecting access from Yishun MRT station (via the escalator down – check out the video below).

(Also look out for the 1-For-1 True Boss 醋頭家 special this Sunday 1st April. Details towards the end of the post.)

While Singapore is getting saturated with more bubble tea, cheese tea and fruit tea places, a fruit-vinegar focused shop is indeed refreshing.

Some of their recommendations in True Boss 醋頭家 Singapore include Peach Vinegar ($2.90, $3.90), Plum Vinegar Tea ($3.40, $4.50), Brown Sugar with Fresh Milk ($3.90, $5.40), Cheese Milk Foam with Lugu Oolong Tea ($2.90, and $3.90), and Vinegar Yogurt ($4.90).

Drinking vinegar may sound to be the strangest thing for some, but consumers in Japan, Taiwan and Korean have already embraced fruit-infused vinegars – taken between meals, after meals, in take-along bottled drinks.

There are supposed a few health benefits from taking fruit vinegar, which includes helping digesting, relieving fatigue, lowering blood pressure, improving complexion to aiding weight loss.

Drinking vinegar while eating is said to make a person feel fuller and curbs excessive eating, and also the enzymes produced during fermentation process help increase metabolism.

The founders of True Boss 醋頭家 created the brand when they realised that many consumers were fond of takeaway beverages – but not many of them were beneficial to health.

I personally found this a refreshing thirst-quencher after a heavy meal. Here are some of the recommendations from True Boss 醋頭家 Singapore:

Apple Vinegar with Fruits ($3.90, $4.90)
Fruit vinegars, like wine, get more complex, subtle and less harsh over time. The vinegars used at True Boss are said to be naturally fermented for up to 10 years.

The fruits used to make the vinegar include apple, plum, peach, cranberry and grape (limited), to produce flavours which remind customers of the original fruit.

It was almost like drinking apple juice, but with that slight fruity tang of the vinegar. Yet it was not as sharp and sour say contrasted with Apple Cider vinegar.

One concern about drinking vinegar would be the mild acidic sensation on the teeth, though I would say this didn’t feel as intense.

Grapefruit Black Tea ($2.90, $3.90)
There are versions of fruit tea from, and Fruit Vinegar Tea.

Perhaps because I was already used to drinking fruit vinegars like the Korean ones, I preferred the more unadulterated Fruit Vinegar Drinks.

However, if you would prefer something more subtle with the fragrance and light bitterness of tea, the Fruit Vinegar Tea could be a suitable choice.

Brown Sugar Bubble Milk ($4.40, $5.40)
Every time I go to Taiwan, I would get a cup of “Frog Hitting Milk” 青蛙撞奶, essentially fresh milk with boba cooked in brown sugar.

However, this is not THAT commonly found in Singapore, at least the good ones.

So for something non-vinegary, GET the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk in which the brown sugar used is specially imported from Taiwan.

For that lovely deep caramelized flavour and smooth milk.

Oolong Milk Tea with Bubble ($2.90, $3.90)
The more standard Milk Tea with boba pearls. I enjoyed that the pearls were chewy and soft, though wished they would be a tad sweeter.

Cheese Milk Foam Lugo Oolong Tea ($2.90, $3.90)
Cheese Tea is still in? The cheese is incorporated in a milk foam, poured to the top of the drink.

There are three basic ways you can drink this: slurp the foam from the top (without mixing first); sip the tea from the straw to appreciate the lightness and fragrance; then blend them all together for a thicker combination.

“Lugo” tea is from the Lugu region of Nantou County in central Taiwan – known for its high-mountain plantations in the ecologically clean environment.

The oolong tea is lightly colored, and has a distinctive honey-like sweet aftertaste and aroma with roasted notes.

Peach Vinegar with Basil ($3.40, $4.40)
Oh, basil seeds. These are like chia seeds, but black and tea-shaped and plump up in minutes when soaked in water.

They are chock full of nutrients and can be considered a super food, but not as trendy yet.

The seeds in the Peach Vinegar drink are soft, do not have a distinctive taste, and has pleasant crunchy feel. (The Thais drink basil seed drinks because they are one of the best body coolant, and also helps a person lose weight – without the sugar of course.)

White Grape Vinegar with Bubble ($3.40, $4.40)
The most popular vinegar flavour at True Boss are the Plum and Peach, though I am more inclined to the Cranberry and Grape – which are rich, fruity, and tangy, with that gently-sour aftertaste.

Plum Vinegar Alpine Green Tea with Fruits ($3.90, $4.90)
Other than pearls in your drink, you can choose to incorporate healthier options of grapefruit, mango, passion fruit, strawberry and kiwi.

Passionfruit with Green Tea ($2.90, $3.90)

Cranberry Vinegar Sparkling ($4.50)
These are added with soda for that fizzy feeling, bottled for easy takeaway or to be refrigerated for consumption later in the day.

Between Fruit Vinegar, and say Bubble Tea which I would finish almost quite immediately, I like to take slow sips to enjoy the fruitiness and that sour-y feeling.

Perhaps it is psychological, taking this after a heavy meal did help to quench that uneasy feeling in the gut.

For those of you who have yet to try Fruit Vinegars or may not like the tangy ones, I would suggest going for the Vinegar Tea which are less intense and more delicate on the vinegar aspect.

If not, there is always the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk.

True Boss

True Boss 醋頭家 Singapore
Northpoint City B2-134, 1 Northpoint Drive, Singapore 768019 (Yishun MRT)
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with True Boss 醋頭家 Singapore.



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