This is my kind of gym food.

Also the when-I-feel-guilty and desperately-need-to-lose-weight type of meal. Thankfully, Superfudo at Holland Village didn’t taste too bad at all.

The CBD area is saturated with protein and grain bowl places such as The Daily Cut, Wafuken, Grain Traders, WHEAT and the likes, propelled by the popularity of healthy lifestyle, boutique gyms and eat-clean diets.

Holland Village which is frequented by expats, looks like a suitable venue for a health-food shop like this.

Superfudo’s model is on providing affordable sous-vide food, mix-and-match meals not masked by over-seasoning or gravy.

Their inspiration is actually from the “economic mixed rice” aka cai fan stalls, and they aim to provide something equally customisable, lighter on the seasoning and oil, but tasty enough to eat on an everyday basis.

There are 4 main choices of Veg Lite ($11), Super Balanced ($15), Carb Full ($17) and Protein Rich ($21) which comes with a base, 2 meats, 2 vegetables and 2 toppings.

For those who are REALLY cutting your calories, there is a Petit Meal option of a base and 2 vegetable inexpensively priced at $6.

No GST, no service charge. Wifi available.

I wished there were some pre-designed options, so that it serves ‘lazy’ diners from the picking and choosing, and also because the kitchen team would know which ingredients would complement one another.

In the end, I picked up the recommended items of multigrain rice, chicken, snow peas, kimchi, vegetable ‘bacon’ bits, and chicken floss.

The chicken was sous vide to retain the moisture and natural juices, added with some ginger and organic sea salt, and so didn’t taste as bland as some of the health-food stalls.

I also noted that the meats such as chicken were vacuum-sealed in a separate food-grade bag, cut opened only when it was ready to be served.

In a way, the meats are not exposed and thus stay ‘fresher’, but on the flipside they won’t be as hot as you wish it would be.


It helped that the cheat toppings of kimchi and floss added some spice and light saltiness, because no additional sauces were added.

Other than grain bowls, also available are baked pastries, muffins, craft beers and ciders. The Iced White came in a larger-than-usual cup, making it more value for your buck.

15 Lor Liput Singapore 277730 (Holland Village MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

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