“Did they forget to add any sauces to the noodles?” My friend asked as we looked at the bowl of noodles – high scores for presentation, the reverse for the taste.

Dink Dink Thai Street Café is a 68-seater café style Thai eatery located at ground level of Royal Square Novena, opened by the Baan Ying people.

It may remind people of Tuk Tuk Cha & Love Mee, which focuses on Thai style noodles and beverages, and serves toast by the way.

By the way, there are quite a number of Thai eateries in the surrounding area – Tuk Tuk Cha a walk away, Baan Ying upstairs, Rochor Thai opposite, and A-Roy Thai Restaurant at Novena Square. There could be more.

The Thai cafe serves up Tom Yum Noodles ($5.80), Tom Yum Goong Noodles ($12.80) – that’s with seafood, and Classic Thai Noodles ($5.80).

The dining experience didn’t start off that well due to a not-too-initiative ordering machine (which froze at times), and I ended up having to go back to pen and paper at the cashier.

The Classic Thai Noodles ($5.80) came with options of thin egg noodles, mee pok and Thai stick noodles, added with slices of fish cake, pork ball, fish ball and crispy wanton skin.

At first I thought they forgot to add in the sauces, which happened to be not-uncommon for new establishments.

But the reply was, ”It is meant to be like that. There are condiments at the side you can add in.”

Okay. I see.

I think I have eaten enough Thai street food (especially noodles), and think that they still need something in there. May it be a trickle of fragrant pork lard oil and fish sauce, to bring out the aroma and street food essence for the noodles.

The Tom Yum Noodles ($5.80, add Lava Egg for additional $1.80) was the saving grace, which still could have more ‘oomph’ and robustness in the soup. The base was slightly to the sweet side, not too spicy at all.

I was also perplexed that the Thai Iced Tea ($3.80) “had to come with jelly”. Hopefully there was miscommunication, because I can imagine many potential customers loving theirs plain. Otherwise, a good drink that was not too milky or diluted.

Dink Dink Thai Street Café
Royal Square Novena 103 Irrawaddy Road #01-08 Singapore 329566
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 9:00pm

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