[Update] Signs A Taste Of Vietnam Pho has moved from Midpoint Orchard to Orchard Gateway basement 2.

[Previous review written in 2018] You get more inspired when you come across shops like this.

The name of “Signs A Taste Of Vietnam Pho” did sound unusual initially, and I needed to think for a while where Midpoint Orchard was.

It is located opposite the glossier Orchard Gateway, at the basement filled with a food court and other humble eateries – almost like a forgotten part of town, a stark contrast to the sleek neighbouring malls.

Get to the end where you would find Signs A Taste Of Vietnam Pho.

I was quickly led in by the owner in shades. He quickly passed the order chit, gave a big smile, and started pointing.

This Vietnamese Pho shop is set up by a deaf couple, Anthony and Angela.

(I was searching for differences between “deaf”, “hearing impaired”, and it seems the better way to describe for the community is either “deaf” or “hard of hearing” rather than “hearing impaired”.)

(Anthony and Angela are on the right of the photo.)

Despite the challenges, the risks of opening an F&B in the heart of town, the couple decided to go ahead to follow their passion – which is to cook for people.

Angela had been cooking for family and friends, especially in her home town Hanoi, but was only recently encouraged to set up a business.

They decided to try, if such a business could make it or not.

Prices for the food items are inexpensive, with offerings of Sliced Beef Ribeye Pho ($6.00), Hanoi Chicken Pho ($5.00), and Fresh Rolls with Prawns, Pork and Egg Fresh Rolls ($5.00) and Beef Noodle Salad ($6.00).

Perhaps in such a humble eatery, a usual walk-in customer won’t be expecting much.

And the Beef Feast Combo ($8.00) I ordered was comforting and hearty. The soup was light yet flavoursome, without any added MSG.

I also enjoyed the soft and bouncy beef balls. The only thing that I wished was that the pho noodles used were thinner.

While Vietnamese Spring Rolls are not my immediate order at other Viet restaurants, I loved their version – so fresh and wrapped till tight and plump, with the refreshing burst as you pop a piece in.

Do lend them some support if you are in the vicinity, and I really don’t think you would mind their tasty bowl of Pho, full of heart.

Signs A Taste Of Vietnam Pho
277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway #B2-15, Singapore 238858
Tel: +65 8685 4838 (Only for text messages)
Opening Hours: 11am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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