“This is called a Supper Club?”

“They have early suppers then.”

Didn’t quite know how to reply a friend who asked about this eatery located at 9 Jalan Wangi (it was previously located at Outram Road near Tiong Bahru), which ends its operations at 10:00pm – indeed early for a place called Iron Supper Club.

Iron Supper Club is helmed by local celebrity chef Heman Tan, also known as “IronManChef” due to his active training in Ironman triathlete races.

You may have caught him in one of Kym Ng or Pornsak’s food variety programmes.

(Photo credit: IronSupperClub)

The same friend asked, ”How come he didn’t recognise you….” I must add, I do try keep a low profile, and we have somehow never crossed paths before even on Channel 8.

As Chef Heman is a firm believer of healthy living, he has designed this “IronRiceBowl” menu around Japanese Donburi with a touch of Asian influences.

The dishes are made to be rich in proteins coupled with carefully controlled carbohydrate portions.

Offerings include Signature Slow Braised Beef Brisket ($12.90), Signature Yuen Yang of Crackling Pork and Honey Char Siew ($12.90), Steam Barramundi Fillet with Soy Sauce ($10.90), Assorted Seafood with Hollandaise Sauce ($10.90), Crispy Crackling Pork ($8.90) and Pork Katsu Curry Don ($10.90).

Interesting appetisers are Spicy Mala Sauce Crispy Crackling Pork ($10.90), Gratin Avocado with Jumbo Crab ($9.90), Spicy Buffalo Wings ($9.90), Beer Battered Cheese Fritter ($8.90) and Salted Egg Cheese Fries ($8.90).

I ordered the recommended Signature 3-in-1 Rice Bowl ($12.90), a combination of a Chicken Katsu, Char Siew, Barramundi Fish, resting on a special blend of Low GI Black Berry rice blend, topped with a Sous Vide egg.

After a 40 minute wait for a rice bowl, I thought that the individual components worked well – the chicken katsu was crispy and moderately juicy, char siew sufficiently tender.

The Black Berry rice blend was tasty, but portion could be much smaller than usual as they were trying to keep carbs-down.

Perhaps they could include a dollar top-up or something, just in case some diners need to feel full.

What was lacking was perhaps a unifying component to jell all the parts together – the corn and the lone broccoli seem out of place.

I also ordered the Signature Slow Braised Beef Brisket ($12.90) which looked promising with its rendang-like looking beef, unfortunately suffered from a case of tough difficult-to-chew pieces.

In consideration of its setting and low carb meals, perhaps expanding on the range of appetisers and small plates for nibbles could work for winding down the night.

Iron Supper Club
9 Jln Wangi, Singapore 349354
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 3:00pm, 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 10:00pm (Sat – Sun)

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  1. Tried this place 2-3 days after it’s opening in January with a few colleagues, the waitress/chef could not differentiate between Chicken Katsu and Barramundi Fish which was very surprising, because even the customers are able to. We feedback but they kept insisting that the chicken was the fish and the fish was the chicken twice. It was after we cut the meat up that they were finally convinced.

    There was one dish that was curry as well which didn’t had curry, we had to feedback and requested which they took another 10mins to heat the curry.

    Given that they are new, I guess we can forgive the initial opening mixed up issues.

    On a positive note, the food was not bad, able to consider as a healthier option food.


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