Melbourne-inspired brunch fare, white and spacious interior, glass rooftop with natural sunlight, are some of the promising pull factors for Bearded Bella – a brunch and coffee place at Craig Road.

Plus, one of the owners is a Singapore National Barista Championship winner in 2016.

Located opposite Twins Restaurant (Craig Road), Bearded Bella is a 40 seaters cafe complete with greenery, wood and industrial-like brass elements in its interior design.

The name may sound catchy: union of a Bearded man and a Bella, which represents the fun and quirkiness here.

Currently in its soft-launch phase, the items on the menu are subjected to changes based on customer feedback.

Prices are not stated on my visit, and everything on the menu is on a tipping basis.

A selection of healthy-looking breakfast items such as Toast, Chia Pudding, Smashed Avocado and brunch food such as Dill Cured Salmon, the Bearded Egg and Pulled Brisket Sliders are available.

The Chia Pudding came with chia seeds, seasonal fruits, semi-dried blueberries, coconut and buckwheat for an additional crunch, this colourful creation was well-balanced in taste and aesthetically pleasing.

The food at Bearded Bella definitely scored in the aesthetic department, with Donut Sliders beautifully decorated with raspberry and basil coulis, which added some colours to the otherwise dull-looking donuts.

However, the donuts suffered an unfortunate fate of being a tad dry, that even the yuzu ice cream could do nothing to salvage the situation.

Raving reviews were seen online for their coffee especially when it is brewed by Singapore National Barista Championship Winner 2016, Regina Tay, who had prior F&B experience at Strangers’ Reunion.

Using a house blend of 70% Ethiopian and 30% Honduras coffee beans that they roasted themselves, the coffee was available in single or double shots of espresso and in 3 different sizes: 3oz, 5oz, 8oz.

Perhaps the coffee machine required more calibration at the initial stage or there was a certain expectation from a Championship winner, the Flat White I had was not my cup of coffee.

I had 2 cups of Flat White to confirm its consistency, only to face more disappointment when the frothed milk and espresso didn’t blend well together in both cups, resulting in a lingering acidic sensation in the mouth.


Their pastries were actually the highlight there, all made in-house by their own pastry chef.

The Banana Passionfruit was quite memorable, with soft and fluffy banana cake balanced with a tinge of citrusy-ness from the layer of passionfruit encased within a jelly-like exterior.

Even though I couldn’t have imagined the union of banana and passionfruit, the entire combination was light, refreshing and well-balanced.

The Apple Cinnamon was also worth a mention with apple, cinnamon and raisin in it. Pretty much like eating an apple pie in form of a cake.

Singapore is currently having a void of such new cafes of this type, especially this year, so café hoppers will likely head over there in groups very soon.

With that said, the mains and the coffee at Bearded Bella probably need more tweaking in the upcoming days, especially differentiate themselves from competitors such as Cake Spade, Nesuto and Chef Yamashita, who also offers good desserts in the vicinity.

Bearded Bella
8 Craig Road, Singapore 089668 (Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 7:30am – 6pm (Sat – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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