Fans of Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette
will rejoice at the news of their expansion into the hipster Kampong Glam area with its rich heritage and cafe culture.

Wakey Wakey has no meaning to it and sounds like asking someone to “Wake up”.

Located at level 1 of The Concourse right beside Le Canele D’or, Wakey Wakey is a 60 seaters space with tall ceiling and glass windows. Cues natural sunlight for photos.

The interior and vibe is different from the other 2 outlets with an industrial-like setting, hanging bespoke lights, sofa seats and bar tables for people watching.

This is what café hoppers would call an “Instagram Heaven”.

Now in its soft launch phase, the menu includes Sliced Cakes, Chilled Bottled drinks such as Matcha, Sea Salt Chocolate and White Magic (their signature drink), espresso-based coffee, filtered coffee and waffles.

These that can also be found at both Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette.

The espresso based drink uses their own Chakra house blend with 60% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (natural processed) and 40% El Salvador San Carlos (washed process).

Smooth, creamy and robust, definitely a perk-me-up.

Something different I noticed was the absence of colourful coffee cups – one of the signature styles in both Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette.

Here, the coffee cups are all in the same bluish-grey colour.

The Chilled Matcha with matcha and milk, also suitable for takeaway, reminded me of the one I had at Old Hen Kitchen

As a matcha lover myself, the Chilled Matcha was on the milkier side, and could do with more distinct notes of matcha though.

Apart from their artisanal coffee to keep myself “wakey wakey”, I look forward to other offerings on the menu that will differentiate themselves from Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette.

Wakey Wakey
302 Beach Road, #01-04/05, Singapore 199600
Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 6pm (Sat – Sun)

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. Your grasp of the English language is atrocious. “Something different I noticed is the absence of colourful cups”? Come on, please do not insult the profession. To be a professional writer, one needs to, at the very least, have an above average grasp of grammar and proper sentence structure. No offence, but you, Nicholas, do not. Not even going to comment on your content, which looks like a student’s desperate attempt to hit word count.

    Stick to photography please, and leave the writing to real writers, Nicholas.

    P.S. Daniel, what sort of self-respecting food review blog would allow this nonsense to be published?

    • It’s a food blog Dion, not the New York Times. Chill the hell out and let people enjoy talking about food.

  2. I regularly visit your site and find a lot of interesting information. Not only good posts but also great comments. Thank you and look forward to your page growing stronger.

  3. Visited this cafe at Concourse after our church service today and it was AWESOME! It has a very relaxing vibe. Outdoors aren’t hot in fact it was quite cooling. Services are great too! Will definitely return to try out different foods and drinks!


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