[Taipei] There are many fans of IKEA’s furniture, and even its restaurants’ food of Swedish Meatballs, Salmon Fillet and Lasagne.

IKEA House is different though. And hard-core fans should make their way there, just to have a look.

It is another version of that giant furniture store, a 4-floor dining and shopping establishment in Taipei that is decorated exclusively with IKEA furniture and offers a variety of IKEA products and food.

IKEA House is located close to Huashan 1914 Creative Park which used to be a wine factory that was transformed into a hipster joint that hosted a number of cultural events including musical performances and art exhibitions.

Folks from Ikea House saw the potential of this place and decided to transform it into a mini IKEA.

I already liked the exterior, with windows decorated like the iconic picture frames. (I bought some of those multi-coloured frames before.)

There are four floors inside of the building.

On the first floor, you will find a counter where you can order meals and drinks. IKEA products are stored in the back in case you were thinking about buying something.

The second floor is packed with tables and seats – where you can dine (and where I spotted everyone taking their #OOTD and #Foodporn shots.)

Now, we come to the weird part of the building, as the third floor looks like someone’s apartment. It’s quite different than the other showrooms because there is natural light and no price tags.

The most spectacular part of the building is its fourth floor where the kitchen is located. They are probably going to organize cooking classes here, but for now, it is a kitchen area with a big table in the middle where you can come to chill and eat food ordered from downstairs.

(Note: The stairs are narrow so most people stay at Level 1 and 2.)

On the menu, you will basically find the same food as in their big shops.

The must have are the Swedish Meatballs (NT$120 for 10, NT$160 for 15). They offer both the beef and chicken versions, and I preferred the chicken just marginally better as they were softer.

Other main dishes on the menu included Vegetable Medallion with Shelled Shrimps (NT$120), Chicken Lasagne (NT$180), Salmon Fillet with Dill Hollandaise Sauce and Herbed Potatoes (NT$250), Pizza Slice with Mixed Vegetables (NT$120).

For desserts, the popular choice is the Cinnamon Bun (NT$30), Chocolate Boston Pie (NT$60), Lemon Pie (NT$60) and Cheese Pudding Tart (NT$60).

Somehow, I always get the impression that IKEA food is more casual-canteen, than decent-café food.

The Swedish Meatballs tasted better than those back home – tenderer, bouncy, well-seasoned. Except that I wished they were hotter.

The Cheese Cake with Blueberries & Raspberries was well, nothing to shout about, but made a quick, fuss-free dessert. If you want better cakes in Taipei, you probably get much better choices all around.

With that said, I did appreciate that they added the word “Jia”, which means “home” on the plate.

The easiest way to get to IKEA House is to take MRT all the way until Zhongxiao Xinsheng Exit 1. From there, walk towards Huashan 1914 and in 5 minutes you will reach your destination.

IKEA House
No. 37, Section 2, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 (Near Zhongxiao Xinsheng Exit 1)
Tel: +886 2 2321 3961
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm Daily
Google Maps – IKEA House

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