The hypnotising song of ”Don Don Don, Donki” is no stranger to any shoppers who frequent Don Don Donki, a 24/7 Japanese discount store at Orchard Central.

And now with the opening of Hokkaido Marche at Basement 2 of Orchard Central, there is another reason for the shoppers (and supper crowd) to fill their stomachs before another round of shopping.

Partnering with food manufacturer Hokkaido Marche, Don Don Donki features a total of 8 dining concepts from Sapporo, Hakodate and Asahikawa (all from different parts of Hokkaido prefecture) in a food hall setting.

Unlike the usual Marche that we are familiar with where purchases are credited to a single card and payment are made upon exiting the compound, diners will need to make their purchase at the respective stalls within Hokkaido Marche.

A buzzer will then be given out for self collection when the food is ready.

Itadakimasu! Here are the food concepts store that are opened in Hokkaido Marche:

Sapporo Ramen Shirakaba Sansou 白樺山荘
Located at one end of Ganso Sapporo Yokocho, the famous Ramen Alley in Hokkaido, Japan, with a total of 17 ramen shops next to one another, Shirakaba Sansou is one of the easiest shops to spot there.

Famed for their miso-based ramen in Sapporo (capital city of Hokkaido) with medium sized, curly yellow egg noodles, the soup is generally rich, thick and saltier, suitable for the cold climate in Hokkaido.

The broth used is tonkotsu pork based with either Miso flavour ($13), Soy Sauce flavour ($12) or Salt flavour ($12).

Each flavour comes with 3 different variations: Original, Karakuchi aka “spicy” (additional $1) or Char-siu (additional $3).

With a thicker and richer miso (fermented bean paste) and a less “porky” taste in the broth, the Karakuchi Miso Ramen ($14) comes with diced meat (instead of slices), bamboo shoots, black fungus, beansprouts and seaweed.

Ajisai Noodle
What? Another ramen shop in the same gourmet hall?

Ajisai (not to be confused with Ajisen) is a mini chain ramen shop commonly found in Hakodate, southern part of Hokkaido, also known for their shio aka “salt” ramen.

While different seasoning is used for ramen such as: shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce) and miso (fermented bean paste), Shio ramen is derived from Chinese-style noodle soup due to the strong relationship with Chinese in Hakodate.

With such an influence and less harsh weather for lighter, salt based soup, shio ramen became popular in Hakodate.

Even though Shio Ramen ($12) is Ajisai’s signature, the menu offers other seasoning varieties such as Shoyu ($12), Red Miso ($14.50) and White Miso ($14.50).

3 different types of soup broth is available here: Konbu ($12 – $19.50), Bean Paste ($14.50 – $19) and Seafood ($19.50).

Donburi Maruya まる屋
$7.50 Curry Png (rice) In Orchard?

With only 2 categories on their menu, Donburi Maruya まる屋 offers Donburi aka rice bowls ($7.50 – $13.50) and Curry Rice ($7.50 – $14.50).

With a selection of Pork ($12 for Don, $12.50 for Curry Rice), Chicken ($11.50 for Don, $12 for Curry Rice) and Ebi ($13.50 for Don, $14.50 for Curry Rice), additional toppings such as Poached egg ($1), Corn Salad ($2) and Miso Soup ($1) are available.

They took quite a while to prepare, but I surprisingly enjoyed the curry. Was initially expecting it to be food-court standard, but the pork cutlet pieces had crispy exterior, juicy meat with fluffy rice covered in warm mildly spicy curry.

Kaisen Natsume
Ever thought of getting a Kaisen Don but you don’t eat all the types of fishes offered in the bowl?

Now there’s an option to DIY you own Kaisen Don at Kaisen Natsume with prices starting from $8.50.

This reminds me of Teppei Syokudo where we also get to customise our bowl.

A total of 3 bowl sizes are available: Small with 2 choices of fish ($8.50), Medium with 4 choices of fish ($15.50) and Large with 5 choices of fish ($18.50).

Soba Maruki
With a choice of Soba and Tendon ($9.50 – $13.50), 2 size portions served in either Hot or Cold are available for the Soba with a price difference of $2.50.

Think Mori aka Original ($8/$10.50), Iberico Pork Chasu ($16/$18.50), Yam ($13.50/$16) and Seaweed ($9/$11.50).

Yakitori Tsuyoshi
For an extra protein-packed meal, Yakitori Tsuyoshi offers a selection of Grilled Skewers ($1.10 – $2.30) and Hokkaido Buta-don ($8.90 – $12.90).

Dot Cafe & Bar
For small bites or something lighter, the menu offers golden crust Croquettes ($4.50), Softserve (Cup $4.20/ Cone $4.80) and Coffee ($3 – $4.50) to replenish some energy for more shopping at Don Don Donki.

Hokkaido Marche Gourmet Hall
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, B2-11 to 29; and B2-44 to 48 Singapore 238896
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm Daily

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Additional input by Daniel Ang @DanielFoodDiary. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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