A Korean meets Singapore fusion. Samjin Amook 삼진어묵 has introduced a Bakkwa Croquette containing chewy amook filled with premium bakkwa.

This is exclusive for the Lunar New Year, available for a limited period.

I have tried their products several times, always grabbing a bite when I walk past the shop at ION Orchard basement 4.

This Bakkwa Croquette to me, is one of its tastiest offering so far.

A brief introduction to the brand: Samjin Amook was founded in 1953 in Busan, and is the largest fishcake manufacturer in Korea.

Many still have the perception that “fishcake” is just a normal street food, but Samjin Amook somehow managed to refresh the “amook” (which means “fishcake in Korean”) with its variety of flavours, quality, and bakery-style stores.

The Singapore store contains more than 40 items, and how it works is you can pick and select your favourite fishcakes displayed on the shelves.

The Amook are hand-made freshly daily, with fishcake made using Alaska Pollock and Threadfin Bream, and majority of the ingredients imported from South Korea.

Bakkwa Croquette ($2.80)
The Lunar New Year limited Bakkwa Croquette is exclusive to Singapore. What you get are balls of golden crispy croquette filled with chewy soft amook and juicy premium bakkwa fillings.

The croquettes are first coated with amook and breadcrumbs then deep fried to a golden-brown.

When I cut it apart, you could see that the filling was moist, filled with the familiar taste of sweet-savoury barbecued pork pieces.

If you bite them hot, you may be surprised to find some of the juice squirting out, so be careful.

The Bakkwa Croquette are also individually packed, and you can get a convenient takeaway box for purchase of 6 pieces.

Samjin Amook CNY Promotion
Buy 4 Bakkwa Croquette and get 2 FREE, from 1 – 11 February 2018.

Other than the Bakkwa Croquette, Samjin Amook Singapore has also introduced NEW offerings which include Special Abalone Amook ($8.80), Special Shrimp Amook ($4.50), Amook Toast ($3.50), and Amook Bites & Spicy Amook Bites ($2.00).

Special Abalone Amook ($ 8.80)
A different gourmet fishcake you can present on the Chinese New Year reunion dinner. This fishcake contains an entire whole abalone stuffed into it. (Abalone symbolizes prosperity as it looks like a gold ingot.)

While I didn’t think that the abalone added much in terms of the taste aspect, it certainly took the fishcake to another luxe level.

Special Shrimp Amook ($ 4.50)
A popular item of chewy Amook topped with a whole shrimp. (Okay, I didn’t get to try this as it was sold out! Let me know how it goes.)

Amook Toast ($ 3.50)
Good for a grab-and-go, working as a ‘meal replacement’ if you need a quick-bite for breakfast or lunch.

The surprise comes inside the veggie triangular Amook Toast, with ham and melty cheese sandwiched in between.

Amook Bites & Spicy Amook Bites ($ 2.00)
The Amook Bites come with two in a stick.

You can choose between the red paprika and pickled radish version; or spicy option with green paprika and minced spicy chili pepper. I prefer the spicier stick.

Samjin Amook Frozen Product Series

Assorted Seafood Amook

Assorted Spicy Amook

Assorted Vegetable Amook

Assorted Soup Amook

Samjin Amook Singapore has also brought in the Frozen Product series from South Korea.

During this introduction phase, there are 4 Premium Hand-made packets you can choose from: Assorted Seafood Amook $19.50) with squid and shrimp added; Assorted Spicy Amook ($19.50) for those who love a kick of chili pepper; Assorted Vegetable Amook ($19.50) with various vegetables added for the crunch; and Assorted Soup Amook ($29.00) suitable to add into soups.

The fish cakes will keep up to 9 months, and for the frozen cup 6 months.

There are various ways of cooking them, and I will recommend adding them into soup, or Korean stew in which the fish cakes can soak up all the flavours.

Quick and easy to prepare. Will come in handy this festive period, if you are having hotpot at home.

To enjoy them plain, place them on a lightly oiled tray, and grill for 12 to 15 minutes until golden. (Flip them over after 8 to 10 minutes for more even cooking)

Alternatively, you can blanch the fish cakes in boiling water to soften them, cut them into thin strips, and stir-fry – either plain or with vegetables.

Cup Amook ($5.50)
If it is rainy outside and you don’t wish to head out, this Amook with soup in a cup will be that comforting treat.

Just need to microwave – fast, simple and delicious.

Amook Bar ($3.50)
These 4 Amook Bars, in flavours of Corn Cheese, Vegetable, Squid, and Spicy, can be stored in the fridge at home, and microwaved or added into your instant noodles when you are in need for an extra

‘Seoul’ Daebak!

Samjin Amook
ION Orchard, #B4-34, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Samjin Amook.


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