[New York City] I know. There are several Lady M shops in Singapore, so why bother? I was just curious to see what Lady M was like in her birthplace in NYC.

So, Lady M is a French-Japanese cake shop with one location in Los Angeles and a few locations in New York City – at The Flagship at 41E 78th Street, 36W 40th Street, 30 Rockefeller Plaza Suite U, The Plaza Food Hall at 1W 59th Street.

The owner, Ken Romaniszyn spent his childhood days in Japan and decided to bring flavours of Asian desserts to the United States.

It started as a cake wholesaler focused on providing cakes to restaurants, and got popular by word-of-mouth, and expanded to a large commercial bakery space.

Today, Lady M is a popular cake shop and you can read about them in famous magazines like Oprah, Brides, Vogue, Travel and Leisure, Allure, and others.

One of the branches is located right by Bryant Park, and attracts a large number of customers who have already heard great things about this place.

During lunchtime, the shop is usually full and there is a high chance you will need to wait in line.

I was told I needed to wait outside the shop about 20 minutes or so, and found that most customers decided to skip the line, get a takeaway and eat the cakes at Bryant Park right opposite. (While waiting, I got a Blue Bottle Coffee which is a few shops away – might as well.)

Take note: Because customers are lining up outside, weather is one issue, the other thing is that last slice of cake you wanted could very well be bought by someone getting a takeaway AFTER you.

Unlike other branches that are slightly bigger, Lady M across Bryant Park offers only a couple of tables for their guests.

This French-Japanese cake shop boasts a cramped interior with white walls, small round tables, and a long counter where you can see all the cakes.

Interestingly, the selection seems to be smaller than Singapore’s – which has more seasonal and outlet specials. Also while Singapore’s branding is positioned to be slightly higher to attract the young tai-tais, this outlet at NYC seemed more touristy and bustling noisy.

Some of the most popular cakes include Mille Crêpes Cake (USD$8 per slice), Green Tea Mille Crepe (USD$8.50), Strawberry Mille Feuille (USD$8) and Gateau Aux Marrons (USD$8).

You can also try the Strawberry Shortcake (USD$7.50) and Checkers Cake (USD$8) made from vanilla and chocolate.

I had one of the most popular choice which is the Green Tea Mille Crepe (USD$8.50), made with over 20 layers of paper thin crepes with powdered matcha on top.

To be honest, I wasn’t THAT impressed. Maybe also because I had this too many times, and this wasn’t better than all the rest.

Somehow, I wished the sweetness was reduced, and not overpower than the green tea which became too subtle.

But I understand that American cakes are generally richer, and this would have already been a lot less sweet than many others.

The Checkers Cake ($8) was slightly off picture-perfect, in which the blocks could have been more uniform.

Overall, the dark chocolate ganache and sponge cake portion could have been smoother, and the cake was slightly on the dry side.

For Singaporeans, perhaps just try the cakes back home.

For those who has yet to come across Lady M, I guess this is one of those you have to check off the bucket list, especially if you are a cake lover.


Lady M
36 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018, USA
Tel: +1 212 452 2222
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm (Mon – Thurs), 9am – 10pm (Fri), 11am – 10pm (Sat), 11am – 6pm (Sun)

Google Maps – Lady M

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