The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival must be the most anticipated carnival in Singapore in a long while.

Some people may not know that it actually spans two activity hubs – The Promontory (near OUE Bayfront and One Fullerton side) and Bayfront Event Space (right next to Marina Bay Sands).

So don’t miss out the other side, which is probably just a 4 to 5 minutes’ walk away.

The family-friendly carnival contains over 40 rides and games assembled from different parts of the world. You may have seen videos of the Mach 5, which goes 55 metres high, at a speed of 130km/h, and riders get swung round and round with loud screams.

Did I mention entry is free? Ride tickets and game coupons can be purchased on-site.

As for my main focus, it will be for the food lovers.

I am normally not a crowd-crowd person. Even though I was there during the weekends, the dining space was spacious enough, there were many stalls, and queues (even for the popular ones) were relatively manageable.

Add that recent cooling weather in Singapore, and walking around can literally be a breeze.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival provides a variety from Michelin-starred offerings, juicy gourmet burgers, churros, meatballs in buckets, super-longer karaage stick, to everyone’s favourite Thai Milk Tea.

The good thing is, stalls are rotational. So even if you come back again, you are likely to see and eat different offerings. Here are some of the food offerings at The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival:

Bows & Ties
Look out for Bows & Ties to-be-launched Single Stacker ($12) and Double Stacker ($22). This is for the burger and meat lovers, containing juicy patties of 150g tenderloin and chuck patty mixture, with egg sandwiched in between a big brioche bun.

Other than that, the Smokey Frosty Cheesy Bites ($5) made cold with nitrogen has been attracting curious onlookers.

Other appetising food to get include Trio of seasoned Pulled Beef Sliders ($10), Dos Cheesy Mess ($6), A Monster Roast ($15.90) of butter-basted roasted beef flavoured with fresh summer herbs paired with sides.

Hyde & Co
Inspired by street stalls while travelling overseas, the owner of Hyde & Co has offered Fried Milk ($4, $5, $6).

These “Fried Milk” are made of milk and cream custard, deep fried and topped with choice of sauce – original condensed milk, salted egg custard and matcha white chocolate.

I say go for the matcha.

If you prefer the savouries, also available are Chilli Crab Pasta ($10), Truffle Fries ($9), Cheese Nachos ($7), Har Cheong Kai Fried Chicken ($5) and Bolognese Pasta ($8). Top up $2 to get Royal Milk Tea with pearls.

Loco Loco
Loco Loco is a churros specialty stall which creates their signature in a variety of localised flavours.

Other than the Original Churros ($6), expect Oreo Churros ($6) and Ondeh Ondeh Churros ($6).

Compared to churros that are what I am familiar to – fluffy and airy, Loco Loco’s signature is cake-ier and denser.

Sofnade specialises in food and drinks in a bucket for this carnival. The most popular item is the indulgent Meatballs In A Bucket ($10, $15) with chicken or beef meatballs, mashed potato and twister fries with choice of brown gravy with cranberry or cheese sauce.

Please share this with a friend if you are watching your calories.

For wing lovers, consider getting the Original Crispy Wings, BBQ Wings, Wasabi Mayo Wings ($8, $10), all served with nachos in a bucket

That’s not all. They also sell Carnival Drinks In A Bucket ($7) such as Circus Fiesta of grapefruit, kickapoo and mint; and Blue Pirates with blue citrus flavour, mint, soda and freshly squeezed lemonade.

Drop by Broti for a selection of thirst-quenching beverages in very big cups for only $4.

The best sellers are the refreshing (and instagrammable) Charcoal Matcha ($4) and Thai Iced Tea ($4). For something less sweet, you can also go for the Earl Grey Milk Tea ($4) and Green Milk Tea.

Locally-manufactured fresh tofu served in various forms such as Soy Sticks ($4, $5), Tofu Fries ($5), or Tofu Cubes ($5) of Thai Chilli Sauce, Goma or BBQ sauce.

They offer both Original Tofu cubes which are deep fried without any additional batter, or coated with tempura batter for crispier outer layer.

The 6ix Rosti
Cheesy Rosti with Smoked Duck, Bacon, German Sausage and Smoked Salmon ($5.90 each).

Juice Box
This stall serves up fresh juices with 100% natural juice, no added sugar, water or preservatives. Recommended flavours include Cool Melon – Watermelon & Pear ($4.90), Tropical Sling – pineapple, honeydew ($5.90); and White Passion – passionfruit & snow pear ($5.90)

If one or two pieces of deep fried chicken is never enough, then the Jumbo Chicken Karaage Skewer ($10) is meant for you.

Probably longer than a 30cm ruler, this stick contains more than 10 pieces skewered back to back which you can take some time to consume.

Also available are Wagyu Meatball Skewer ($10 for 3 sticks), Chicken & Leek Yakitori ($6 for 3 sticks) , and Pork Yakiniku Don ($8).

Katoshka specialises in double fried russets that are coupled with an array of handcrafted sauces. Their premium russet potatoes go through an arduous process to ensure that they are freshly cut, double fried and seasoned well with a mix of herbs and spices.

The varying sauces are made daily from scratch to ensure its quality and freshness.

For an indulgent treat, go for the Russet Fries with Special Cheese ($5.90) mixed with 5 different herbs and spices.

They have also introduced a series of drinks to pair well with the fried russets, such as classic Iced Lime Juice ($4) and Local Iced Coffee Gao ($4).

Meg CD
Coco Glace Tropical Dessert is a different approach to enjoying the world’s most well-known tropical fruit.

The dessert-drink is prepared using fresh young coconuts from the southwest region of Thailand, containing slices of coconut flesh, jelly and fresh coconut water served in a real coconut shell.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Rides and Games
The carnival comprises of more than 40 rides and games – many of which have been brought into Singapore from various European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

For something more thrilling, go for the Mach 5 or the Das Fun Schiff pirate ship that takes riders on a ‘voyage’ up high.

For the young ones, the Shark Coaster can allow little ones to experience their first rollercoaster ride, or get on the Carousel to experience some magical moments.

Mach 5
Not for the fainted hearted. This thrill ride stands at a whopping 55 metres above ground, rotating at a speed that can reach 96km/hour under eight seconds. Guaranteed loads of screams.

Star Flyer
Tower ride that enables an uninhibited 360˚ view of the Singapore skyline from a 35-metres height while experiencing the sensation of flying. Best way to see Singapore CBD is a different light.

Das Fun Schiff
Das Fun Schiff pirate ship that takes riders swinging back and forth to an angle of 70° on either side. Reminds me of the good old Vikings.

Euro Coaster
Single car trains with a total of 4 riders per car in which riders are held in by over-the-shoulder restraints. A mini roller coaster that can set some your pulse racing. The ‘intermediate’ ride’.

Jungle River
The ride that leads towards a big splash at the end.

Okay, even if thrilling rides are not really your thing, there are more than 30 carnival game stalls catering from the adults to the young, with more than a million licensed plush toys up for grabs.

These are not THAT difficult to win, and I have seen groups leaving with more than a dozen soft toys in hands.

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival opens daily from 4pm to 11pm, till 1 April 2018 (Sunday).

Admission is free for all, and credits for rides and games can be purchased on-site and online via

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956 and 11 Marina Blvd, Singapore 018940
Event dates: 15 Dec 2017-1 Apr 2018
Opening Hours: 4:00pm – 11:00pm Daily, Last entry 10:00pm

How To Get There:
Nearest carpark: Wilson Carpark at Marina Bay City Gallery, Marina Bay Financial Centre and OUE Building
Nearest MRT: Bayfront MRT, Promenade MRT, Downtown MRT
Buses: 653, 655, 657, 661, 662, 664, 666, 667, 668, 669, 670, 982E, 513, 402, 400, 133, 106, 97E, 97 & 1

This entry is brought to you in partnership with the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival.


  1. If I have a chance to join in it, so the main reason make me come is food. Actually food I used to eat in festival isn’t really good and price is pretty expensive. But after I read your article, I bet I have to change my mind. Hope I could join in it one time.

  2. please amend the post
    I visited the carnival last Friday 9th February around 7.30/8pm

    All of the above food item is NOT available.
    the only store that was open was the one that sell Churros and the food in bucket are available
    the rest are either discontinued *store are totally empty*
    or sold out way too early *kind of weird for a Friday night*

    it is total disappointment after visiting the place based on this food article.


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