[Bangkok] This may be a café that you walk past without realising it is one.

Ekkamai Macchiato Home Brewer is called a “home brewer” because the café literally transformed from an actual home.

No wonder, the space was rather cosy with a homey ambiance. Except for the signage, you would have thought this is an actual house. Perhaps this is also why I enjoyed chilling out in the space.

Another interesting feature to highlight is all drinks in the menu, whether coffee or tea, are sold at 100 baht (SGD$4.16).

Owned by Thanawit Kittikosin, Ekkamai Macchiato Home Brewer is one of the good cafes in Sukhumvit, the center of Bangkok’s young coffee community.

Ekkamai is known as the caffeine capital of Thailand, with several cafes lining up the main road and the many sois (streets).

While you are there, Vanilla Garden, One Ounce For Onion, Nikko Café, and Featherstone Bistro Café & Lifestyle Shop are all a short walk away.

Like a typical home, there was a front garden of plants and trees. As you approach the building, you enter through a wooden door. It’s quite different from typical cafes and stores with clear glass doors so you could see what’s inside.

Branding is seen via the small sign beside the door, as well as a bigger signage at the second-floor railing.

Glass panel windows on the façade let natural light in, and offer the diner a view of the garden.

Following a minimalist design of the space, there was nothing too fancy here. Décor was kept to a bare minimum, like the small wall shelf that holds stacks of books and magazines.

Even the menu on the wall uses simple plain text on a white backdrop, or you can refer to a photo album-like folder placed near the counter.

At the heart of the café is a beast of a coffee machine. Using a La Marzoco Linea Classic, the café prepares an entire line of espresso beverages. Cold brew and iced coffee is also available.

The coffee place known for featuring different local roasters in rotation, including Phil Coffee Company, Roots, and Bottomless Espresso.

For instance, Espresso of the Week could be Wanna-Be Blend, a blend of beans from Brazil and Ethiopia.

All drinks in the menu, whether coffee or tea, are sold at 100 THB (SGD$4.16). That includes coffee such as Caffe Macchiato, Caffe Latte; milk based drinks of Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte; Vanilla Bean; Chocolate; Tea based Lychee and Peach; and sparkling Gingle Ale, Lychee & Thyme, and Mint & Lime.

There are some specialty Affogato available, such as the Overwhelmed, Salted Caramel, and Adult Affogato. All are priced at 180 baht (SGD$7.45).

I was actually there mainly for the Adult Affogato, and it was worth of this trip – of coffee, chocolate and Grand Marnier coming together for a luscious, creamy smooth drink with rich mouthfeel. Add that touch of orange zest in the end.

Thanawit’s passion in coffee is the root of the business. There was even a story that Thanawit broke a tooth while experimenting with drip coffee in the same kitchen. Eventually this kitchen became an important part of his café.

For heavier meals, go for a pasta dish like their Spaghetti Garlic Bacon or their Vodka Penne.

Rice-eaters can have their fill of carbs from dishes like Minced Pork Rice, Fried Rice with Bacon, and Green Curry Rice with Eggs. Dishes are priced about 180 – 250 baht (SGD$7.45 – $10.35).

Feast your eyes and belly on their signature pastries such as their White Chocolate Key Lime Pie, a sweet-citrusy flavor combination in a form of a humble pie. Their Affogato comes in 2 variants, Tiramisu or Salted Caramel Popcorn, while the Caramel Macadamia Cheesecake can be decadent and great with coffee.

Occasionally, they offer seasonal cakes like their popular Durian Cheesecake. Due to insistent demand from customers, they would bring this back to the menu. It is best to check with the staff what is available before making a choice.

The closest BTS is Ekkamai. If you are bringing a car, note that parking space is limited. There are only 4 slots available.

The café is open daily, but do note that they close early every Tuesday. Instead of the usual 6:00pm, it closes at 4:00pm.

Ekkamai Macchiato Home Brewer
6/2 Ekkamai12, Sukhumvit63, Klongton North, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand (Nearest BTS: Ekkamai)
Tel: +66 83 785 9090
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm (Mon, Wed – Fri), 8:00am – 4:00pm (Tues) 9:00am – 6:00pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Google Maps – Ekkamai Macchiato Home Brewer

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