[Malacca, Malaysia] Fans of The Daily Fix Café at Jonker Street, known to be the most popular cafe in Malacca, would have heard of their 2nd concept store that opened in mid 2017.

Instead of being located within the Jonker Street area where most of the tourists roam, Sin See Tai 新时代 is found on the other side of the Malacca River, though just 100m away from the busy street.

Sin See Tai which means a “New Generation” or “New Era” in Hokkien, has a different offering from its sister cafe known for pancakes.

Instead, an entire new and smaller menu is offered here, focusing on healthier options.

Think a concise food menu of Avocado Bacon Toast (RM22, SGD$7.30), Home Baked Granola (RM18, SGD$6), Quinoa Salad (RM25, SGD$8.30), Chia Pudding (RM19, SGD$6.30) and Waffle & Popsicle (RM18, SGD$6).

With a coffee counter on the first floor and 12 seats on the 2nd storey, Sin See Tai has a homely touch with wooden furnitures, sofa set, stacks of books and a small study table.

The Waffle & Popsicle (RM18, SGD$6) is probably the bestseller, seen on every other table, with granola, oranges, dragonfruit, pomegranate, half a waffle and homemade popsicle.

After seeing multiple versions of ice cream with waffle, soft serve with waffle, gelato with waffle, a popsicle with waffle is a first for me.

The waffle was light and airy, moistened by the melting popsicle with a citrusy and refreshing fruity taste, and additional crunch from the granola bits.

There was quite a fair bit of components in just one dish, but somehow, it made the otherwise healthy dessert tasted more complex and tasty too.

The Quinoa Salad (RM 25, SGD$8.30) was worth a mention even though healthy food is seldom on my list on an overseas trip.

I can always detox when I am back at home right?

With quinoa, avocado, pork bacon, pickles, flavoured egg, lettuce and salad dressing, the Quinoa Salad was surprisingly quite flavourful.

Citrusy and refreshing with a peppery kick in the salad, the flavoured egg reminded me of an ajitsuke tamale (ramen egg). Oishii!

Both espresso-based: Black (RM 8, SGD$2.70), White (RM10, SGD$3.30), Cold Brew Coffee (RM 12/13, SGD$4/4.30) and Filter Coffee (RM15, SGD$5) are available.

I liked the White Cold Brew Coffee (RM 13, SGD$4.30) which was strong and robust, complete with a smooth texture.

I believe that Sin See Tai aka “New Era” can be the next The Daily Fix Café, as they are off to a promising start.


Sin See Tai 新时代
18 Jalan Jawa, Malacca, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Wed-Mon), Closed Tue
Google Maps – Sin See Tai

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


  1. If I’m not mistaken, Sin See Tai is also owned by Daily Fix. So, they practically already have their regulars from the first branch with the addition of a few items that is solely special for this branch – their donuts! On another note, Daily Fix also owns Sharing Plates. It’s not surprising that both new cafes have very good start.


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