Hello KAP aka King Albert Park. This used to house a McDonald’s branch where I hung out after CCAs, and rushed through several tutorial assignment. Those were the days.

Of course the whole building was gone, and is now a mixed development, which is emm… relatively empty in the food component. However, you can still find EagleWings Loft and the Kindred Folk.

Kindred Folk is a cosy two storey cafe serving up handcrafted ice creams, other desserts and fusion pastas.

The owner Cheryl revealed that the café was created firstly with students in mind, and she wanted the place to be where students can get away from their usual surroundings to chill out or study.

Ngee Ann Poly students, you know where to go now. (I wonder how much ex-NP students are doing now.)

No wonder a hammock somewhere at the back of the café. While it utilised some seating area, I thought it added this hipster-element to the space.

In terms of Ice Cream flavours, they included Roasted Rice Milk Tea, Watermelon-Calamansi Sorbet, Cereal Milk, Grapefruit Froyo, Matcha Gao, Sea Salt Gula Coconut, Latte, Pure Hazelnut, to a very interesting Wasabi.

$3.70 per scoop for the basic flavours, and students and residents of KAP Residences get a 10% discount.

You can also find Pasta dishes here ($15 ala carte, $12.90 for set lunch, $9.90 for students), and include Mi-so Sexy pasta – capellini tossed in a light miso and roasted sesame sauce; and Asian Flush Pasta – slightly spicy tomato cream sauce flavoured with curry leaves.

I had a Spice It Up, a Tom Yum Aglio Olio Linguine with Sautéed Prawns.

While the tom yum gave a mild kick, execution could have been further refined, and noodles were in a pool of oil unfortunately.

The ice cream saved the day, and I consider it one of the better ones that opened this year.

The Brown Rice was recommended as it was made on site, including the roasting of the brown rice itself which would take more than an hour.

I had the Watermelon-Calamansi and Matcha Gao.

Both flavours were true to their name, the former fruity and refreshing yet still thick though it was a sorbet, and the latter richly smooth with obvious matcha bitterness that would linger.

Though I tried the Wasabi Ice Cream and found it interesting enough, I didn’t really want an entire scoop of that.

A promising ice cream cafe which had velvety smooth hand-crafted ice cream. If they could work out more interesting flavours and refine the texture of the waffles, would be a hit with students.

Kindred Folk
9 King Albert Park #01-09, Singapore 598332 (King Albert Park Station, Downtown Line)
Tel: +65 6928 3043
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon, Tue, Thu), 12pm – 10.30pm (Wed), 12pm – 11pm (Fri-Sun)

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  1. The ice cream is great. The food portion should be increased for the amount charged, especially the pasta. I hope you increase your food portion or adjust your price. Still hungry after eating pasta. You may compare your prices with Pasta Mania which is about the same cafe-type food joint. It serves the same amount or slightly more but less expensive. Hope this feedback would help you increase your business flow. Good luck


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