[Seoul] The Seoulites bear a palpable love for minimalism, and Café MILD 마일드 is a testament to that.

Having been following many Korean café-hoppers on Instagram, I stumbled upon this minimally styled café, and included it on my “Must-Visit Seoul Itinerary”.

For those who plan to go to Common Ground, the hip container street market for fashionable clothes, food trucks and OOTDs, Café MILD would be a convenient stop before or after since it is located within the same district of Gwangjin.

However, I continued to take a bus from Konkuk University Station to save on the walking distance.

Tiny a space it might be, the interiors exuded a very laid-back, casual and cosy vibe.

From the white walls, pillows and linen-lined communal bench to the wooden tables and stools, the design is kept simple and pleasant to the eye.

Potted plants also dotted some corners, giving the place a touch of greenery.

Just like the interior, the menu here was just as minimal, with only a sandwich, salad and cake as food options along with a range of coffees and teas for drinks.

Their concept is apparently also to serve food of “simple” and “light” taste.

One of the most commonly ordered drink here was the Cream Cappuccino (5500 Won, SGD$6.60) so I had to get that.

It was essentially an iced cappuccino topped with cream, which I was initially sceptical of. But the mildly sweet and light cream, when paired with the cappuccino, was strangely refreshing and made the coffee less acidic.

It reminded me of cream beer.

Meanwhile, the Salmon Sandwich (7500 Won, SGD$9) featured raw salmon and cream cheese atop slices of toast.

I liked how the flavours were, instead of heavy like an eggs royale, organic and healthy but still delicious. The portion was small but worth the price.

Ieended off our simple meal with the Rare Cheese Cake (5000 Won, SGD$6), ‘rare’ due to it being a no-bake cheesecake I figured.

So the cake exhibited a smooth, creamy texture that was light on the palate, and I didn’t have trouble finishing the cake at all.

Don’t come here expecting to have a full meal, but to rest your feet and indulge in casual conversations over simple but not ordinary fare.

And maybe to take some Instagram-worthy, look-out-the-window-and-ponder kind of pictures.

Café MILD 마일드
54-5 Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea (Konkuk University Station Exit 6)
대한민국 서울시 광진구 자양동 54-5
Tel: +82 70 8839 2507
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9.30pm Daily
Google Maps – MILD

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* Written by Crystal Wee, a “Cafe Pornographer”. More of her cafe gallery on Instagram @Crystal_wee. Daniel’s Food Diary paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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