[Tokyo] Sushi Tokyo Ten is perhaps the best find during my most recent trip.

For those who have not been to Tokyo in the last 2 years or so, you would be surprised to find a new shopping mall NEWoMan right next to Shinjuku Station (South Exit).

First things first, the restaurant Sushi Tokyo Ten is located within the ‘food court’ area in NEWoMan.

I was initially sceptical about having sushi in a food court, because I momentarily forgot this is Tokyo – where you almost cannot find bad food.

Do not discount its quality at all.

On the plus side, vibes are more casual, and thus you would not get that intimidating feel like some other sushi restaurants.

There is no menu as this is an “Edomae style-restaurant”, which means what is served is decided by the chefs.

The restaurant owes its popularity to the fact that you get to try seasonal delicacies carefully chosen by the chefs who constantly come up with new and delicious combinations.

The restaurant has an Omakase only menu which means that the food items served vary with the chef’s decisions as well as with the seasonality and freshness of the ingredients available.

The dinner omakase is priced at ¥7000 (SGD$83.40) while the lunch set is offered at ¥3500 (SGD$41.70). There is also a simpler breakfast Omakase at 1500yen (SGD$17.90),

At first I thought I heard wrongly (plus there is no menu), as sushi meals are typically expensive in Tokyo. (Didn’t the last sushi omakase cost ¥25,900?)

There were about 17 to 20 pieces and items for my dinner – I lost count and was too engrossed in eating to take photos of every piece.

The variety and taste were amazing, and I had fully enjoyed almost every sushi piece including fresh shrimps, lobster, abalone, and 2 types of uni.

My favourite pieces were the lobster because it was so chunky, sweet and fresh; and the uni because this was the first time a Sushi Chef presented both male and female sea urchin on the same dish. (It was difficult to tell by plain sight what the actual difference was).

To note: The chefs spoke minimal English, so communication could be a challenge if you needed to ask some questions.

Also, the Omakase meal tends to be completed within a 60 minute time frame, and could feel hurried for foreigners. Not forgetting this is Shinjuku Tokyo where things just move a little faster than the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that Sushi Tokyo Ten is located in the food court of the shopping mall, the sushi that it serves uses the freshest premium ingredients that are available.

With a regularly changing menu, one can expect each experience to be a new one. Reservations can be made at https://yoyaku.toreta.in/sushitokyoten/#

Sushi Tokyo Ten
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 5 – chome 24 No. 55 2F (Directly opposite Shinjuku station South Exit at the NEWoMan shopping mall)
Tel: +81 03 6274 8540
Opening Hours: Breakfast 7am – 10am, Lunch 11am – 3pm, Dinner 5.30pm – 2am Daily

Google Maps – Sushi Tokyo Ten

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  1. Hi, is reservation a must? I’ve clicked on the reservation page which says the price is 7000yen regardless if it’s lunch or dinner.

  2. I landed here after taking your guidance on getting a seat at Tsuta. Thanks so much! Now I’m on a mission to get omakase and I am hearing from some locals that I should have booked reservations far in advance. Regarding this place you are describing, was your experience just a walk-in? I’m in Tokyo until the end of this week, so any help will be appreciated! Thank you!


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