[New York City] It is not that difficult to find a cup of Taiwanese Bubble Tea over at NYC.

Somehow, the drink known as Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea in other parts of the world, is commonly called “Boba” in the States.

Well, “Boba” refers to the chewy spherical tapioca balls in the drink, but it can also mean emm… “Bosoms” in Mandarin – often used to describe big-breasted females.

When we talk about Boba drinks, the Boba Guys somehow stand out from rest of the local joints, and is popular among the New Yorkers.

Consider the factors a combination of marketing, amazing Instagram gallery, quirky captions and colourful tasty drinks.

In my own experience, bubble tea used to be a take-and-go experience for a cheap perk-me-up. But it has become fashionable all over again.

(Photo credit: Boba Guys)

The Boba Guys started back in 2011 in San Francisco, when founders Bin and Andrew met at Timbuk2 where they worked together.

While playing a game of Ping-Pong, the two of them realized they share the same interests and decided to open up a place that would focus on bubble tea.

Following the success of their shops in San Francisco, Boba Guys decided to expand and opened new spots in New York City – Clinton Street, Greenwich Village, and Canal Street Market.

Unlike some places which used artificial sweeteners and processed powders, the two friends thought it was time for something different.

They started using Straus organic milk sourced from the Bay Area and homemade syrups. All of the teas are brewed daily, syrups house-made, and jelly made from scratch.

This resulted in delicious bubble tea without that obvious artificial taste.

Starting at USD$4.00 per cup, Boba Guys offers dozens of traditional varieties including Classic Milk Tea, Coffee Milk tea, Rose Black tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, and Hong Kong style tea.

Specialty Drinks include Strawberry Matcha Latte, Dirty Horchata, Matchata, Chocochata, Natural Taro Smoothie and Black Sesame Latte, all priced from USD$4.00 – $6.00.

After having a Strawberry Matcha Latte (USD$5.00), I understood why they were so popular.

Just look at the colours – obvious layers and vivid. The matcha had that subtle green tea bitterness, milk velvety smooth, and strawberries made of puree so you could taste real pieces. The boba were soft and chewy.

The only thing was I found the drink too sweet, but for American standard I suppose this would be considered okay. Unfortunately, sugar level for some drinks could not be adjusted.

I even spotted Thai Tea, but decided against having that since it is commonly found at home for less than half the price.

To complement the tasty drinks, you can order toasts with condensed milk and buttercream, cakes and Four & Twenty Blackbirds pies.


Boba Guys
23 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002, USA
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon – Thurs), 12pm – 10pm (Fri – Sat), 12pm – 9pm (Sun)

Google Maps – Boba Guys (Clinton Street)

Other NYC Locations:
– Greenwich Village, 11 Waverly Place, New York NY 10002
– Canal Street Market, 265 Canal St, New York, NY 10013

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