Singaporeans did not have much time to say “Goodbye” to their favourite frozen yogurt brand llaollao, which has totally ceased operations in the country. (Will it do a Gong Cha and return 6 months later?)

This was because the master franchisor of Singapore D+1 Holdings has discontinued the working relation with llaollao Singapore.

All the llaollao stores in Singapore will be replaced by Yole (pronounced ‘yo-lay’), which will also serve up natural frozen yogurt. The stores will also offer coconut soft serve ice cream in time to come.

So, welcome Yole!

Yole is reported to be a European chain though I couldn’t find any information of its European existence online. The only other branches of Yole are in Taiwan (Someone enlighten me?).

There was a relatively short queue at Wisma Atria when I visited.

Some customers looked visibly surprised at the change from lime green spoons to dark blue; while there were others which said, “Isn’t this the same? Don’t need to queue. So silly.”

One (fan) who possibly stayed off social media the whole of yesterday went, “WHAT HAPPENED?”

When it came to ordering, I almost wanted to say “Sanum”, then was lost for words.

It is now IBIZA.

The Ibiza are offered in two sizes – Mini ($5.50) with 1 fruit, crunch and sauce; or Large ($6.95) with 2 fruits, 2 crunches, and 1 sauce.

The tubs, or cups, are offered in Baby size ($2.50), small ($4.90, 1 topping), Medium ($5.90, 3 toppings), and Large ($6.90, 3 toppings).

Crunches included some interesting-sounding ones like Filipino White Chocolate Biscuit, Chocolate Museli, Artinata (that’s wafer biscuit), Chips Ahoy, Crushed Oreo, Crunchball and Caramelised Cookies.

I saw sauces such as Milk Candy, Chocolate & Hazelnut Sauce, White Chocolate, and Black Chocolate Sauce.

Okay, cookie sauce was somewhere around.

Since there was a limited edition Strawberry flavour, I gave it a try though it was slightly too sweet and sourish for my liking.

Perhaps it would help with a more-chocolatey sauce to balance off.

I also ordered an Original. You would have thought the two cups were of different sizes, or ordered at varied timings. Nope.

Somehow I found llaollao slightly smoother and lighter. Could be psychological.

This Yole softserve was comparable with the average brand, I guess.

Oh yes, there was DURIAN toppings too, though durian and froyo should be a disaster relationship to begin with.

Will Singaporeans miss their llaollao? Actually, I think so. The millennials and fans would clearly long for it to come back.

Yole Current Branches (more will be converted)
1. Bugis+ #03-27
2. Causeway Point #B1-K28
3. HDB Hub #01-07
4. Hillion Mall #B1-45
5. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel #01-K2
6. Plaza Singapura #01-22A
7. 313@Somerset #B3-55
8. Suntec City #02-313
9. United Square #01-K14
10. Wisma Atria #B1-02

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