Horray for friends around Katong and East Coast.

Some may not know that Deliveroo Singapore has launched “Deliveroo Editions”, where those staying in Katong and neighbouring zones can order food from selected restaurants, even if they are not in Katong.

The Deliveroo Editions partner-restaurants include New Ubin Seafood, Aloha Poke, Kurry Korner, Blu Kouzina, Pho Stop and Los Jefes.

Plus, if you’re a first-time Deliveroo customer, use the code “DFD18” for FREE delivery on your first two orders (valid for all orders).

So the Easties at Katong, Mountbatten, East Coast and Siglap areas can get a wider range of food, from local zhi-char, poke bowls, Indian cuisine, Greek food to Vietnamese favourites.

How Deliveroo Editions works in a nutshell: This is a delivery-only kitchen based at Tanjong Katong (and more in time to come), allowing restaurants to operate off-site kitchens that cater to more customer bases outside the city.

Diners who want access to food from restaurants that have yet to open in their neighbourhood will be able to access their menus to enjoy at the comfort of home – cooked by chefs employed and trained by the restaurants themselves.

This platform also gives restaurant owners the possibility to try out new restaurant concepts and menus. An example is New Ubin Seafood, which has launched Deliveroo Exclusive Rice Bowls.

New Ubin Seafood
New Ubin Seafood has been considered as one of Singapore’s favourite zhi char restaurant, and has also been listed in the Michelin Bib Gourmand for 2 consecutive years.

Known for its unique dishes such as US Black Angus Ribeye Beef, Heart Attack Fried Rice and Boss Bee Hoon, it has moved from Sin Ming to Hillview, then to Tampines.

It would also mean many would have to travel quite a distance to get a meal. The restaurant owners have therefore decided to be part of Deliveroo Editions as a way to be closer to regulars and potential new-customers at Katong area.

If you have yet to order from them before, these are some of the recommended signatures from New Ubin Seafood:

USDA Choice Black Angus Ribeye Half-Cut 300g ($53.30)
One may not have expected an ‘ang moh’ dish from a zhi-char restaurant. This has been one of their top-sellers.

The USDA Choice Black Angus Ribeye would be grilled in the Katong kitchen, added with sea salt flakes and separate dip of mustard.

The succulent, bold-flavoured beef pieces still retained its usual standard, though I would personally wish for some caramelised onions and potato wedges to pair along.

Other meal dishes you can Deliveroo over include the US BBQ Pork Ribs ($32.10 for half rack), Smoked Pork Collar ($14.98) and NZ Lamb Cutlets with Smoked Sea Salt ($25.68).

Note: Customers can choose either Heart Attack Fried Rice and/or salad as an optional add-on.

Signature Heart Attack Fried Rice ($16.05 when order separately, good for 1-2 persons)
I know of a couple of friends who order the beef to get a complimentary portion of THIS, and the dish is quite emmm… aptly named.

Previously, you won’t be able to order this rice as a standalone, only available unless you opt for the steak. Now you can.

As to how the fried rice gets its colours and taste, it was fried together with the beef fats (from the steak above) – complete with strong wok fragrance.

You worry about the calories, but may just end up finishing it anyway.

Shrimp Paste Chicken Har Cheong Kai ($6.42) and Prawn Rolls Hei Chor ($6.42)
Even after some wait, the Shrimp Paste Chicken wings were still relatively crisp, with a delightful coating and juicy meat.

The Hokkien-style starter of bite-sized Deep Fried Prawn Rolls with water chestnut fillings were deliciously addictive – should have ordered a double portion.

Fried Hokkien Mee Special ($19.26, good for 1-2 persons)
My personal must-order favourite dish, and I find New Ubin Seafood’s take on Hokkien Mee one of the best in Singapore.

It was wet, gooey, and the gravy well encompassed the savoury flavours of rich prawn stock.

I previously found the version to be slightly inconsistent, and I was told that they have gathered feedback and found “the right prawn supply”. Glad to announce it tasted like how I remembered it to be.

Boss Bee Hoon ($16.05, good for 1-2 persons)
Wok-fried rice vermicelli with chilli padi, chye sim, fish cake with distinct charred flavour.

A fragrant dish, every bite full of flavours, uncontrollably good. Can be slightly ‘heaty’, drink some tea to pair along.

Smoked Pork Curry Rice ($13.99)
This is a Deliveroo Exclusive dish, suitable for the individual who craves for a warm, savoury dish at the comfort of home.

The other two choices include Grilled Chicken with olive grain rice and soft-boiled egg, and a Vegetarian Marinated Beancurd dish with olive grain rice.

Deliveroo Promotion: $4 OFF Voucher for New Ubin Seafood
Get a $4 Deliveroo voucher the next time you order from New Ubin Seafood Editions (valid for ALL orders).

If you’re a first-time Deliveroo customer, use the code “DFD18” for FREE delivery on your first two orders – valid for ALL orders, and not just for New Ubin Seafood.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Deliveroo Singapore.


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