The very first thing I noticed about The Wired Monkey at 5 Dunlop Street was the irregular seating arrangement. “Oh, why like that? How like that?”

It was unconventional, think stadium-like seats with stepped platform. You face a hand-drawn mural throughout while you sip your coffee.

Or you can look down to see the top of someone’s head.

This was done to utilise space in the café with a narrow width.

It could be a different yet comfortable café experience with its colour-coordinated beanbags and cushions in between, plus you could shift the sliding tables.

The only major question I had was, how should I step down to head to the toilet if there is a group below me?

The current menu is quite compact, serving Beef Burger ($12), Fala-Falafel Burger ($12) and Chix Belado on Toast ($12).

Other items to expect included Soba Salad ($9), Sweet Potato Fries ($5) and a selection of pastries.

Many cafes in Singapore serve burgers as well. After trying quite a couple of mediocre ones, I think The Wired Monkey’s version ranks high.

The Wired Monkey

I was recommended the Beef Burger ($12) which came with 180g pure beef, house slaw, swiss cheese, tomato and a side of sweet potato fries.

The best thing about it was the bun. Lightly grilled, there was a layer of crisp and light fragrance that most other average burgers in Singapore won’t have. The bun was fluffy as well – they found a good supplier.

I thought that the beef patty was adequately juicy, though was slightly lacking in flavours. Probably needed a sauce or more thorough marination.

Coffee is a specialty blend from Tiong Hoe.

Some cafes which were previously on Dunlop Street come and go, such as Rouse, and Oh My Bacon. The Wired Monkey will probably need to work on getting a strong differentiating factor and expanded menu (quickly) to get enough attention from fickle-minded café hoppers.

The Wired Monkey

The Wired Monkey
5 Dunlop Street Singapore 209335 (Jalan Besar MRT Station)
Tel: +65 90220194
Opening Hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm (Mon – Fri)
soft launch

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