Craving for CHIMAEK? South Korea’s largest chain of restaurants Chir Chir (pronounced “Chi-Re Chi-Re”) has introduced dishes to its repertoire.

With 3 branches in Singapore from 313@somerset, Bugis Junction and JEM, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory serves up more than 20 variations of fried and roasted chicken.

Some of the favourites include the Crispy Fried Chicken ($26.90), Honey Butter Chicken ($28.90), Garlicky Chicken ($28.90), Nest Snow ($32.90), Garlic or Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken ($32.90), Rosemary Chicken ($29.90), and Kkanpung King ($28.90).

Clucking Good Set (Promotion starts 27 May 2019)
Now you can get a set (available at Bugis Junction, JEM and 313@somerset outlets) for only $39.90++. This should fill 2-3 diners (or even 4) up.

The “Clucking Good Set” includes
– 1 choice of Whole Chicken (Crispy/ Garlicky / Spicy / Curry)
– 1 choice of Salad (Mango / Glass Noodles)
– 1 choice of Fries (Curry / Cheesy)

In the past, I thought that the chicken portion could be better suited for individuals and pairs who might not be able to finish the entire bird.

Good to know that the restaurant’s signature Crispy, Garlicky and Spicy fried chicken now come in portions of 6, 12 and 18 pieces of tenders or drumlets and winglets.

A friend quipped, ”Can go there more often for lunch now!” That also means more flavours you can try.

The Chir Chir menu has moved beyond just fried chicken, with some mouth-watering plates of cheesy dakgalbi (grilled chicken), jjimdak (stewed chicken) and curry-flavoured fried chicken.

Curry Fried Chicken ($28.90)
This is my favourite of all the newly introduced dishes, and reminded me fondly of what I had in Seoul one hungry supper time.

The fresh chicken pieces were first deep-fried in the signature crunchy batter, then tossed in this addictive curry powder.

Upon the first bite, I thought it reminded me of … Twisties, the curry flavoured packet.

The outer layer was part sweet, salty, and spicy, and I was almost tempted to sweep up just all the crunchy bits. There was a separate dip of curry for additional kick. But it was not too spicy at all.

I would highly encourage you to share this with your friends, as it might get heavy after the 3rd piece.

Chir Chir Spring Chicken ($28.90)
Oldie but goodie. While the spring chicken looked deceptively simple, the juicy sensation could be felt once you take a bite piece off.

A whole spring chicken was thinly coated in flour then deep-fried until crispy and golden-brown.

The server came and helped cut the pieces up, and you could almost see that the chicken meat was so tender and moist.

It was as if all the flavours were locked in. What’s there not to love about crispy skin and succulent meat?

The chicken also comes with a host of sides, including French fries, cubes of pickled radish, and a bowl of traditional cold Korean noodles of naengmyeon (cold noodles).

Helps you ‘cool down’ after the deep fried food.

Cheesy Dakgalbi ($32.90)
For the cheese lovers. Think about sweeping the pieces of roasted chicken thigh meat and topokki (Korean rice cakes) across the mozzarella cheese and spicy sauce, then pull it up and twirl.

A great get-together and share dish.

The fiery and sweet sauce made with BBQ sauce and Korean gochujang (Korean red pepper paste) paired well with the appetising chicken pieces.

Tip: Be care not to take too long over the fire, as the chicken might get drier with time.

Spicy / Soy Dakgalbi ($32.90)
This contained succulent pieces of roasted chicken thigh and hard-boiled egg on a fragrant bed of steamed Korean rice mixed with seaweed flakes, flying fish roe and sesame oil.

I was more indifferent towards this, because carbs.

My friend was the reverse and totally relished the flavourful rice, which had this light fragrance and slight char as it was cooked over the hotplate. She said it was like “Korean Fried Rice”.

You can choose between two renditions – Spicy which had more kick, or the family-friend Soy in which the chicken is glazed in BBQ and soy sauces.

Chir Chir

Jjimdak ($19.90 for half chicken / $32.90 for whole chicken)
Jjimdak is a Korean style braised chicken dish with vegetables and sweet potato noodles.

However, Chir Chir’s version takes on a slight twist. The chicken would be first deep fried with a thin crispy batter before being simmered in a sweet and savoury gravy made from soy and BBQ sauces.

You would find that the chicken would remain in complete pieces while locking in its succulence.

The stewed dish would be added with chewy jjolmyeon (Korean wheat noodles), topokki and beansprouts.

I would recommend the Spicy version with sliced red chillies and capsaicin sauces, which had a complex flavour – highly comforting and addictive.

Islandwide Delivery:

Chir Chir – Bugis Junction
#02-50 Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria St Singapore 188021
Tel: +65 6538 1069
Opening Hours:
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last orders 9.30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 11pm, Last orders at 10.30pm (Fri – Sat)

Chir Chir – 313@Somerset
#B3-04/05/06 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd Singapore 238895
Tel: +65 6509 8364
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last orders 9.30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 11pm, Last orders at 10.30pm (Fri – Sat)

Chir Chir – JEM
#04-13/14 JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Road Singapore 608549
Tel: +65 6538 1069
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm, Last orders 9.30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11am – 11pm, Last orders at 10.30pm (Fri – Sat)

Chir Chir

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Chir Chir.


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